First premium sell

Last Update: April 09, 2017

Hello everyone,

I had a normal Sunday until I found out that I made my first premium sell on WA! Its an incredible feeling to get a reward for all the hard work.

I know that I have to keep working hard to get more referrals and sells but I feels very good to be on the right track. There are only 299 premium sells left to see some of you guys next year in Vegas :)

I wish you a great Sunday and all the best here at WA.

Best regards,


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VeronicasLuv Premium
Love your attitude, Fabi!!!
Loes Premium
Congrats Fabi, I remember that first premium sell as was it yesterday. Great feeling!
graveltruck Premium
AlexEvans Premium
A nice surprise well done and all the best moving forward
WTucker1 Premium
CONGRATS hope it just gets better and better for you