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April 12, 2017
Hello everyone,I'm starting to play around a little bit with Bing PPC campaigns and today I checked my email and I saw another referral! This is now my third referral and my first PPC referral. This is absolutely amazing! I'll keep working on the performance of my PPC Campaigns so I can start scaling them :)I wish everyone a productive day here at WA!Best regards,Fabi
April 09, 2017
Hello everyone,I had a normal Sunday until I found out that I made my first premium sell on WA! Its an incredible feeling to get a reward for all the hard work. I know that I have to keep working hard to get more referrals and sells but I feels very good to be on the right track. There are only 299 premium sells left to see some of you guys next year in Vegas :)I wish you a great Sunday and all the best here at WA.Best regards,Fabi
February 05, 2017
Hello guys,I wanted to share my success with you. I had started my website already last year in December but I didn't really worked on it and had around 5 posts till last week. But last week I stopped and set myself the goal to earn over 2000$ the next 10 weeks.That sounds like a lot and maybe it will not work but the goal is high enough for me to be a great challenge. And I really love challenges. And I said to myself that I'm going to work for 10 weeks hard on my website and follow the bootca
Hello everyone,About one month ago I joined Wealthy Affiliate and I'm still very happy with my decision. But let's have at first a look at the things I accomplished:I created my first websiteI wrote 10 postsI added articles with affiliate linksI added google advertismentI set up a google+ accountI finished course 1 + 2 and a course 3 I'm at lesson 8and many smaller thingsSo I think I can be proud of the things I accomplished. If that is the first month I want to see my results after the first y
April 05, 2016
Hello there,7 days ago I joined WA and wow what a week. I now finished the course 2 and I can only repeat myself, when I say I couldn't be happier. Such easy to follow step-by-step lessons and I can't wait to finish Course 3.In addition this is such a great community and it is always nice to come back here. I really like the "help and get help" attitude. For example, when it comes to comments or feedback. When I provide feedback for someone else I get feedback and the same with comments. So I c
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April 03, 2016
Hello there,I can only say what a week :-DOn tuesday I joined Wealthy Affiliate and I couldn't be happier. In less a week I created my first website and published my first two posts (and of course a lot of other stuff like SEO etc.). In addition I learned a lot of important steps to generate traffic. On Friday I went Premium and I really like it. It all goes very well with the easy to follow tutorials and I can't wait to continue my journey. I know it was only the first step of many but I'm rea
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