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Last Update: January 09, 2020

The reason I am at Wealthy Affiliate is that I wanted to take my very successful Personal Training and Nutritionist business online. By doing so, I can take on many, many more clients AND it allows me to work from anywhere in the world.

Absolute Freedom: the ability to do whatever, whenever, WHEREVER, and with whomever I choose, and nobody or nothing can change that, but me.

I realized Wealthy Affiliate was the platform to give me that Absolute Freedom. After being active for 13 months, that goal is within reach.

I am going thru the one-on-one peak season for my niche(Jan.-March) one more time in my hometown of Memphis, Tennesse to say goodbye to all of my over 250+ clients and referrals I have had the pleasure of coaching the last 20 years. As many know I am moving to Kyiv, Ukraine.

The new niche and new websites are ready to be tweaked and go full steam ahead.

Back to Vegas 2021.

I have tried to figure out how to increase that 12% conversion rate of our starters to Premium for the past year. No success. And apparently fellow members much smarter at this marketing game than me have not figured out that secret either.

I believe there are only about 20 out of 2 million WA'fers who make it to Vegas (1 out of every 100,000). THAT is a very exclusive club! So, to make it to Las Vegas in 2021, I needed to think outside the box. I am very good at that little game. Hell, I live outside the box. If I was as good at online marketing as I am at MMO (Making Money Offline), I would be writing this blog from a yacht.

What did I come up with? I used the KISS principle.

Keep It Simple Stupid!

Eliminate the conversion altoghter!

This may not work for everyone, but it works for me. How to do this?

I will tell you later.

Just kidding. Here we go.

I had a limit on how many clients I could handle one-on-one. That is not a problem with a website. I can sign up as many clients as I want with my Personal Training, Nutritionist, and DNA-based Life Coach (the evergreenest niche I have ever seen) websites. A blog coming on the latter.

**Why not give my new clients 5 weeks (free week plus one month) of Wealthy Affiliate as a perk for signing up for my training/nutrition services? They are paying me a minimum of $100 anyway and it is only $19/client out of my pocket. I won't miss that $19.

Boom! Vegas Baby!

And this is not a one-time thing. EVERY client I sign up in the future will receive this perk. Forever!

12% conversion rate? Hah! That my friends is a 100% conversion rate.

AND, after 5 weeks with me coaching them (physically and fiscally), I will have built up a tremendous amount of trust with them. How many of those referrals do you think will stay at WA? I am very, very anxious to see.

A new round of clients is coming anyway, for years to come.

So, let's build a WA promo site.

Step 1: I need a website with a catchy domain name.

Check that off the list as I got this email today.


Hey Mark,

Great news, your website wealthyaffiliateplus.com has been indexed by Google.

At any time you can manage your website on the SiteManager page within Wealthy Affiliate:


Getting your website indexed in Google is a big step in the right direction. As you start to build out the content on your website you are going to see your page/posts get indexed at a much higher rate, and you are likely to start seeing some first page rankings soon as well!

Keep working hard and keep up the great work!

Kyle & CarsonFounders of Wealthy AffiliateWealthyAffiliate.com

The domain name is catchy. I like it. And I can go many WAys with it.

AND, I am onto one of the evergreenest (if that is not a word, it should be) niches I have seen in my one 13 months at WA. Maybe that I have ever seen. I am an expert within this new niche and probably got a years jump on all my competition. Blog coming, as I said.

So yes, 2020 is going to be a year to remember.

AND, I am a Daddy!

Cheyenne the Wonder Dog just gave me 11 more mouths to feed!

Wealthy affiliate provides the vehicle to Absolute Freedom.

All you have to do is take action. Make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes.

Take off the training wheels and go full steam downhill!

See you in Vegas.

Making a living, making a difference.

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Aussiemuso Premium Plus
Awesome Mark. So delighted for your business idea and new babies. Wish I could do something similar but I don't have a local business. But I may have an angle!

Love your domain name, I was thrilled when I got Clever Affiliate Success.com

Woo Hoo to us!

This should be a great year.

Can't make Vegas this year (family stuff) but maybe in 2021, who knows. Then I might stay on for a guitar retreat in Nashville!

Have fun and thanks for sharing.

ExpatMark Premium
NashVegas is a lot of fun and some amazing musicians in any bar you walk into. You never know what famous person will just happen to show up and play.
Aussiemuso Premium Plus
Woo hoo. I would like that.
Lily 😊🎵
katfrishe Premium
This is GREAT! I love your idea!

You are moving far away and I think that you WILL be back for convention. My site is still under construction so I have not "marketed" yet. This is taking longer than I had hoped but it WILL get up.

I wish you the best and congrats on your puppies!

Here's to your Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy,

ExpatMark Premium
Thanks. You just hit on my juicing site I just got indexed. Happy Healthy Juicy dot com. I also got a wealthy healthy affiliate dot com. I wish it was as easy to add content as it is to pick out great domain names, which is fun.
Jaz333 Premium
I remember we discussed this one day in live chat - I'm happy to hear you have implemented all your great ideas! I just know it is going to work out beautifully for you! I'm still working on a way to incorporate some of these strategies into my own offline business. Please keep in touch and let me know how it all works out for you :)

Oh! And congrats to Cheyenne the wonder dog - you sound like the very very proud new daddy ;)

To your current and future success,
HenryPing Premium
thanks for sharing your biggest goal that is amazing and awesome.All you plans and idea is so great .Wishing you all the very best to acheiveing your Vegas Goal 2021.Cheers 🏆👌✌😁👏😊👍You got this .