Don't Ever Give Up!

Last Update: June 14, 2013
The pleasure of having a sustainable income online is the obvious end result that we would all love to have,
and for alot of us, even after spending many long, tedious hours, night after night in front of our computer grinding away,
it may seem like a very exhausting and distant journey to travel.....

But.....Don't Ever Give Up!.......

Like Kyle has said.....we can all make a sustainable income on any niche online if we all adhere to the teachings here in WA,
but most of all.....we must all be willing to WORK OUR BUTTS OFF!.

Success is never easy for anything in life, and having an online business is no different. Sure, we may hear it from the
'quick buck' gurus out there who all want us to buy their latest product that is guaranteed to make us instantly rich
...but I'm quite certain he was speaking to himself when he was saying that! lol

WA has taught me (and is still teaching me) the core basics and true, proven methods in how to create and operate
an online business, and how to build it into a viable, long lasting business for many years to come. But there is one that that I know
and have always known from my own experiences through life.....every journey is never over until you get to the end!.

So when the going gets tough, do not give in my WA brothers and sisters....we all have a common passion, and that's to be financially free.

If you believe deep inside that you can travel the journey of success online, financial freedom truly awaits you....

if you think that you can't do it....then the only thing that awaits you in the failure

You must believe to achieve!
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Rosie-lee Premium
Couldn't agree more. I've never been afraid of hard work but have spent too many years working very hard in the wrong direction.or on the wrong projects. I've promised myself that this is the year that all changes,This time I'm going to make it however long it takes.
Everisingsun Premium
Rosie-lee, good on you for making that positive step!. Don't give up on your promise my friend. I am starting to see returns from my efforts...not enough to be sustainable yet, but enough to see hard work paying keep going, and we're all here to help each other!
jatdebeaune Premium
You do get the basics here, and the hard work is fun. "Fun" is a large part of hanging in.
Everisingsun Premium
You are so right....having fun and loving what you do makes it all worth while, and what better way to make a living in something you have a passion for!
wtbee2013 Premium
YOU are right Thank you
Everisingsun Premium
Thank you right back!....hope you guys are going great and putting things in order in your online ventures!...
Everisingsun Premium
That's right Wendy....keep going!. Every business whether online or offline takes times to nurture and grow!.
wendyk Premium
Excellent! You are 100% right. You got to be willing to do the work if you want success. It takes time and commitment. :)