Do You Have Any WA New Year Resolutions?

Last Update: December 30, 2016

Bring on 2017!

2016 is ticking away into history - and what a year it was!

  • The loss of so many famous celebrities in all genres, too many to name that have helped carve the world in which we live in today.
  • The outbreak of the Zika Virus.
  • The Britain exit from the EU.
  • 2016 Olympics.
  • The migration crisis of Syrian refugees.
  • The U.S Election.

...and that is just a handful....WHAT A CRAZY YEAR!

It is going to be interesting as to what the world brings to us in 2017


What are you going to bring to 2017?. We are all here in Wealthy Affiliate to make a change in our future, so what will you bring in 2017 for your future here in Wealthy Affiliate?


We all lose focus and get off the tracks, so what a better time than right now to step back and look at what is ahead for you and your business ventures online.

My own new year resolutions for Wealthy Affiliate is to:

  1. Increase my blogging
  2. Create some WA training throughout the year
  3. Be more active with my fellow WA community
  4. Utilise the WA tools and training more

Do you have any WA new year resolutions? - let me know, Id like to know what they are

Where ever you may be for your new year celebration guys, please enjoy yourselves, have fun and be safe! - and lets make 2017 be a massive year of happiness and prosperity!.


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Colker Premium
I would say,
1- Complete my WA training
2- Write more contents to increase my rank and authority on my existing site.
3- Build 2 more websites for online business.
4- Build 2 more offline type a business website.
5- Interest other people to help me write content, even if I have to pay.
I hope by the end of the year I would see a steady income flowing however small.
Everisingsun Premium
Good goals for the year Colin!

I'd suggest focusing on your existing website and make that a success before expanding out. When I came to WA I went crazy and started multiple online businesses and found the workload to be too much while still trying to make one site successful. I discovered it to be best to find the success formula on one site and then replicate. Completing the WA training will steer you right!

Be careful when outsourcing content writers, it may pay to ask them for work examples beforehand to see if they fit in the style that you want your readers to see on your site. Plagarism is another factor too. I found a few people in WA taking my content which totally sucks.....maybe that should be another blog lol

Happy New Year Colin, hope you have a very proserous 2017!
Colker Premium
Thanks, that's the plan to do a website one at a time, one of my article is on page 4. I just want to see it moves up the ladder, start getting traffic and see what happens from there. I am now focusing on what it takes to keep my site health green or 100%. my site trust has not yet improved.

Thanks for the words of advice, I truly appreciate it. I hope you have a rewarding 2017 and beyond.
Chris Lee Premium
Happy New Year :) Let's make it happen!
Everisingsun Premium
Happy New Year to you too Chris!

Definitely the year to push ourselves a bit further up the ladder!
I don't do the New Year's Resolution thing. When one realizes something that needs to be done, the present time is the time to begin planning and executing, not to lump it all at one particular time of the year. I will include a link back to this blog!
Everisingsun Premium
True - some people do & some people don't. Most people that do never get to fulfill all their resolutions but get some of them done in the process. Nevertheless, it's a good time to refocus their mindset to achieve their goals that they're aiming for...

Cheers for the link Daniel - All the best for 2017!
Ha! I'm glad I had that link over there :) It was an easy passage back here to clarify something said.

This concerns the "bragging." bit. You get what I said as stated:

"I don't think people achieve their resolutions so they can brag about it..."

The bragging I talked about isn't post-completion of the goal, but before it even gets started. Sometimes I hear people talking about how they're going to do this and that, and the fact that they made their list out. My sisters do that every year and it becomes beer talk sometimes. It becomes big talk, and has been imposed on me, "I've done it, we've all done it, why haven't you?" It's not a big thing, but many that do, find themselves not achieving their goals.

Now as you've said, that certainly be something to brag about! If I've completed something and achieved the results of something I've worked hard on, it would be encouraging both to myself and others to "brag." about it. Bragging isn't always a bad thing, in this case, maybe using this term is better replaced by another without the negative connotation the word has.

When I've walked the talk, that's a very different story.

Thanks for heading over there and adding input to it. It allows me to refine what I've said so that, like has already occurred, doesn't get taken as arrogance, which is farthest from what I intend.

Everisingsun Premium
I read the other posts previous to mine on your blog Daniel. I think people read too much into other people's views and take it to heart. I'm sure you know quite a few people in and outside of WA who may see you as arrogant lol, I don't see you as arrogant at all.
You seem to me to be a very well informed person who sees things from a wider perspective than others may, and you're confident enough to express your opinions regardless, which makes free speech a beautiful thing. I've learnt over the years to take everything with a grain of salt!
I appreciate this :) The snowflake is a great analogy to some of the things I delve in. I love history, ancient history most emphatically. I have a lot of writings from ancient times. I study church history and secular histories along side this.

Take Christmas for example. Easter, Halloween, and a host of other holidays we celebrate today, are like snowflakes. For the snowflake to form, it takes airborne dust - something foreign to the nature of the snowflake we see falling to the ground. We never see the dust, just the ice crystallization that surrounds the particle. The holidays are just like that. People do not realize (and in many cases, do not want to know) what's behind what we have at present.

I do like to take things apart to see how they are made. The snowflakes hide their true essence - that which brought them into existence in the first place. That particle is the essence truth behind which the snowflake has come into being. The snowflake itself is also a representation of truth by its very existence, but so oar the holidays as we have them. They are what they are, however, like the snowflake, the essence of what brought them into existence is well-hidden by what surrounds the the core of their being.

In this case here, I had someone, the very first reply telling me that it isn't my job to be bringing up things that down what what people enjoy. The gist of his message was his perception that I was angry and a bit arrogant. This is where the thing on arrogance came from. When I apologized for having offended him, he replied that he wasn't offended but that he, himself brought up what he felt about it.

As for things like Christmas and Easter, I have had some very strong rebuttals against what I've said about these holidays and what brought them into being. I have a post on here, in fact more than one, on this topic. Most of the time on WA, I have had no problems with people getting angry with me and my writing, but I have had people shouting at me face-to-face about it. Just two weeks ago, the maintenance person, who is Spanish and apparently Catholic, yelled at me that I was wrong and this was all my opinion. I didn't have the heart to tell him that the very stuff I was talking about is also acknowledged in the Catholic Encyclopaedia! Years earlier, my sister started crying when I briefly told her some of these histories, loudly proclaiming that this was my opinion and she didn't want to hear it. Because I unintentionally-got her upset and crying, she went to her husband and I got reamed again!

Christmas for example, does have that particle of truth about it, but it is coated by years of adaptations, which is too much to get into right here. I have written about it though and is one of my most recent blogs on here. Some people just don't want to hear it and will go into battle mode if it is brought up because it challenges their belief systems. Understandable and is human nature. I do the best I can with it. Perhaps the worst thing I could have ever done, was having gone into these things and came upon the particles, which are the dark, sometimes ugly, often microscopic essences of the beauty that conceal them. People, for hosts of reasons, consider it blasphemy to be shown these things. People throughout history have lost their lives because they have brought out the truth about a particular thing. No matter what, one can hide from truth, but it doesn't make it go away.

Numerous Premium
Just a heads up. I ended up incorporating your discussion here and on the other post into a post that I was doing. I linked to both of your posts and just wanted to let you know.
Everisingsun Premium outline guy!

That's awesome - That's what a good community is about...sharing ideas and opinions to help each other move forward....being a part of the WA community!

I'll drop over and have a read :)
That's awesome! Thanks :)

Also, A new discussion came up on the other blog. You've said it here in so many words. A better way to say "New Year Resolutions would simply be, New Year Plans!, because that's what they actually are. People mistaken this list of declarations (which are usually devoid of plans) for the actual carrying out of the goals involved. The confusion comes with the word "Resolution." It can mean, "a resolving" in other words, the actual carrying out of the thing needing to be done OR...

The more prominent meaning of the word, "a proposed goal" or PLAN. It is simply a declaration.

These lists are incomplete in that they name off the things that need to be done, weight loss, be a better person, make more money, be home with the family more often, increase this, increase that, and so forth. The only thing wrong with this, is it is simply a list and there are no plans accompanying these. People just slam-bang into these things on the first of the year and wonder what happened six weeks later.

Lack of planning and priority - and this culminates into a mere 8% actually successfully completing their goals. If you were to check these people out, you are likely to find that they had one thing in common - they had plans worked out.
Numerous Premium
I think this is why Everisingsun's goals work so well. He's not focusing on an output. He's focusing on what he wants to put effort into. So cheers to him for that.
drjec Premium
My WA goals seem insignificant compared to the need in the world, but I want to write more and challenge readers even through something as some as superficial as fishing. But also, I have spent 50 years focusing on others. I want to focus on my family and myself for the next couple of decades.
Everisingsun Premium
I love your outlook on life. It is sad of the negativities in the world. I think our flaws as humans will prove to be our own demise one day....

But fishing and, now you're talking!
Numerous Premium
Currently I think my New Years Resolutions stand at spending at least a half hour going over some training and giving feedback on at least one site every day. Here's to your success in 2017.
Everisingsun Premium
Thank you! - I intend to have a bit more focus on my WA training myself. Things get thrown aside when you're juggling the hours in the day. You don't know how precious they become until you get older lol.

All the very best to you too for 2017 - btw, I quite like the blue outline guy :)

Numerous Premium
Well thank you very much. I quite like him too. And I agree, when I'm busy I could usually use an extra four or five hours in a day. If you ever figure out how to make that happen let me know. :)