"some favorite affiliate marketing programs to make money on pinterest".

Last Update: November 10, 2018


As I promise,

Here is the information for you.

There are Affiliate Marketing Programs that you can use for almost any product you want to promote:

from eBooks and courses to clothing and household items.

My favorite Affiliate Marketing Programs to make money on Pinterest are:

Amazon Affiliate Program: allows you to create links for a store that people already know and trust

ClickBank Affiliate Program: allows you to sell digital information products without having to create them.

VigLink: allows you to promote products from stores like eBay, Walmart and Sephora, as well as the best stores in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

JV Zoo Affiliate Program: allows you to sell digital information products without having to create them.

Another advantage is that, by publishing affiliate links on Pinterest, these will be circulating on the site forever.

You can start earning money from home passively. You will literally be earning money while you sleep.

If you like to Know the steps to do it.

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HilaryJax Premium
Good information, thanks for sharing.
YanFellow Premium
That's brilliant, thanks. Yes, I'd love more info,
rubanzema Premium
Thank you for sharing.
herinnelson Premium
Hi Luis! I am doing this exact process adding affiliate links from ClickBank vendors to Pinterest. I am also a ClickBank affiliate. Great post! Do you have any advice on the process within Pinterest. I am Pinning to affiliate Boards there.

Erin :)!
EvedYejudah Premium
Hello Erin. The advice I can give you is:
Look in google search for the highest sales in your niche products. Write a Short descriptive blog in your WA webpage about it and then Pin it.

Another thing is: make your Pin atractive and unique. You can use the App PicsArt for this. I'm going to send you an example of the Pin I just did minutes ago so you can have an idea. Considering that you are not doing this already.

Bless you,
Luis Antonio 😊👍🙏
Jenny28 Premium
Thanks for the info. I use Pinterest all the time, and I get quite a bit of traffic from it, it’s great.