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WHEN YOU WANT TO SUCCEED BUT YOUR LOVE ONES TELL YOU TO QUITHave you ever been in this situation?In a position were the only one who understand the fire that burn inside is only YOU.You are lucky then....!!!Because you are thinking bigger.You should find yourself a hourly job and stop wasting time in front of a Computer they say.We're is the money, I don't see it. They say.You don't have a future with that. They say.What I say:Keep pushing me to limits and I'll demonstrate to you that I will fl
EARN MONEY USING PINTEREST AS A MARKETING TOOL. Part 33) Pinterest AdministratorSome blogs, brands and companies don't have the time to devote to their Pinterest page or don't have time to learn how to do marketing by themselves, so they prefer to hire people who are responsible for managing their profile on Pinterest.So you can earn money!The work of Pinterest administrator (also known as digital manager) consists of: designing attractive pins, reaching more people, answering questions and man
EARN MONEY USING PINTEREST AS A MARKETING TOOL. Part 22) RIP TRAFFIC TO PINTERESTPinterest is among the 50 most visited sites in the world. This is a large number of daily visits that you CAN NOT pass up.If you already have a blog or website, you can use Pinterest to increase your traffic and increase your revenue.Pinterest is a fast way to grow your blog and get more traffic. If you have advertising ads on your site you can Pin it on Pinterest. Every visit you get equals more money in your poc
"SOME FAVORITE AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAMS TO MAKE MONEY ON PINTEREST".As I promise, Here is the information for you.There are Affiliate Marketing Programs that you can use for almost any product you want to promote: from eBooks and courses to clothing and household items.My favorite Affiliate Marketing Programs to make money on Pinterest are:Amazon Affiliate Program: allows you to create links for a store that people already know and trustClickBank Affiliate Program: allows you to sell digit
EARN MONEY USING PINTEREST AS A MARKETING TOOL WITH YOUR WA BLOGSDo you know how much traffic Pinterest has? In 2018, Pinterest is among the 50 most visited sites in the world. This represents a lot of visits that you can convert into extra income. Let's see how to make money with Pinterest, how much money you can earn and what really works.The first thing you should know if you want to make money on Pinterest is that Pinterest will not pay you directly, but you can earn a lot of money by using
November 07, 2018
SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT 😉It isn't what your seeing of yourself at this time.But what you're going to achieve for what you're doing with yor time.
YOUR PHYSICAL HEALTH COMPARED TO YOUR BUSINESS LIFEThis week someone asked me if I had seen a popular series on Netflix.To tell the truth, I had to answer NO.I started to analyze,Could I see this series and take time, organizing my agenda ?.But my analysis was very short, since sitting for hours watching television is not within my priorities.Therefore, it is not something that helps me achieve my goals.I kindly answer the person: I have not seen the series, thanks for asking! and we continue t
ARE YOU MAKING DECISIONS BASED ON YOUR CURRENT SITUATION OR BASED ON WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE?The worst enemy we have for progress is ourselves.Fear paralyzes the mind. Is a powerful element that we decide to overcome or let it surpass us.Each one of us has our own Hero Story. Maybe we have a successful life.-I make a clarification-Having a successful life is not just having a lot of money.But, can be better defined as an orderly balance life:- physically - emotional- and spiritual speakingOur d
SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO GIVE TO BE ABLE TO RECEIVEI remember when I started as a Pilates Instructor.In order to promote myself, I gave classes for free, so people could know an try this Discipline of Training.It has been 15 years since, and I'm still earning revenue from my clients.I was willing to give so I could be able to recieve.I'm walking the path of an entrepreneur.In this early stage of my development as an Affiliate Marketer I have to say,I have experienced the power of giving and receiv
October 31, 2018
CONFIDENCE IN LITTLE THINGSAll Nights You Go To Sleep With CONFIDENCE In Awakening The Next Morning, Did You Know You Were Going To Wake Up? Then, Why You Put The Alarm? 😁Will This Be Faith???The little boy or girl that smiles when his father throw him/her in the air.Are they sure his/her father is going to grab him/her back?Could this be CONFIDENCE?We really worry about everything in our life?But if we could put more confidence and faith in what we do in the same way, we put faith an