Your physical health compared to your business life

Last Update: November 06, 2018


This week someone asked me if I had seen a popular series on Netflix.

To tell the truth, I had to answer NO.

I started to analyze,

Could I see this series and take time, organizing my agenda ?.

But my analysis was very short, since sitting for hours watching television is not within my priorities.

Therefore, it is not something that helps me achieve my goals.

I kindly answer the person: I have not seen the series, thanks for asking! and we continue talking about other topics of interest.

Why do I tell you this?

Our economic, emotional, spiritual and physical future are built today.

Tomorrow we collect the fruits that we harvest.

This is our reflection.

We are like a mirror.

If we look in a mirror, we realize that we are a perfect design in which we were added muscles, tendons, joints and gears perfectly organized to move.

If we compare ourselves with a chair or a piece of furniture, we do not find similarity.

They are rigid, static and have no purpose other than serving us to sit on them.


Why do we live life as furniture and not according to the original design?

Being created active, dynamic and enterprising.

Our business life is reflected in the same way.

If you pray every day, you train physically, you have a healthy way of feeding and you always have time for the family, when you enter the business world, it is not difficult to obtain organization for success.

Everything is in the focus, commitment, and dedication that you put in what you want to achieve.

What is your focus today?

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Adrian47 Premium
Once again you hit the sweet spot! Years ago I was reading Rhonda Byrne "The Secret ". She is saying clearly that the message that you send out is the form of the answer that you receive. You send out a good message ... you will have a good answer.
When you say we are like mirrors ... I totally agree with you.
EvedYejudah Premium
Thanks for sharing Adrian. Blessings
NeptuneSiver Premium
Keep Searching Follow The Sun in WA
Say Everyday I want it & I'll Have It
marmar463 Premium
My focus is my business and accomplishes sales for my site. I am wanted to be a successful businesswoman and it is hard. But I am struggling through. I am getting a little discouraged a little bit.

EvedYejudah Premium
Don't put stress in your shoulders Mary. You are not alone. Someone of us maybe has pass the situation your confronting. Just ask and we will help. Your teammate Luis Antonio
Blessings 🙏