Confidence in little things

Last Update: October 31, 2018


All Nights You Go To Sleep With CONFIDENCE In Awakening The Next Morning,

Did You Know You Were Going To Wake Up?

Then, Why You Put The Alarm? 😁

Will This Be Faith???

The little boy or girl that smiles when his father throw him/her in the air.

Are they sure his/her father is going to grab him/her back?

Could this be CONFIDENCE?

We really worry about everything in our life?

But if we could put more confidence and faith in what we do in the same way, we put faith and confidence in the little things, (previous examples)

Maybe we could achieve more in life and worry less.

To begin with, the word worry means to STRESS before the situation occurs.

We must take care, (not worry), and do what we have to do

to obtain good results in our life.

This is applicable in our business, our family, our community, in short ... in EVERYTHING

Did you wake up today?

Then, be grateful and put your hands to work.

Remember that last night you didn't know you were going to wake up and you set the alarm for today anyway.

Have a blessed day taking care of business and let worries be solved by your actions.

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VictorF22 Premium
There is no time to waste!!!

Thank you for the post :)
EvedYejudah Premium
Thank you for sharing Victor. Blessings.
Adrian47 Premium
Again I can just concure to your ideas. Faith and Confidence are the salt and pepper of our daily passages.
EvedYejudah Premium
Your right Adrian. Bless you.
Fleeky Premium Plus
EvedYejudah Premium
Thats right Fleeky. Blessings.
MBrannan Premium
Thank you for posting this. I tend to be the family worrier lol. You make some very valid points. Without confidence and faith in ourselves we will worry more than is necessary.
EvedYejudah Premium
Life is simple, we complicate it. Thank for sharing MBrannan. Bless you.