Sometimes you have to give to be able to receive

Last Update: November 01, 2018


I remember when I started as a Pilates Instructor.

In order to promote myself, I gave classes for free, so people could know an try this Discipline of Training.

It has been 15 years since, and I'm still earning revenue from my clients.

I was willing to give so I could be able to recieve.

I'm walking the path of an entrepreneur.

In this early stage of my development as an Affiliate Marketer I have to say,

I have experienced the power of giving and receiving.

I sincerely give thanks to some of you that from the beginning have been willing to help me.

A warm feeling that someone gets for a sincere person is powerful.

It develops an unbreakable bond and loyalty.

For sure you are going to have a business partner or a client for time to come.

Never the less,

Thanks to all of you that have been willing to give me your friendship.

I know I will grow as an Entrepreneur and you will receive for me all that I can give to you and more....

Do you want a one sale relationship with your client or business partner or a long lasting one?

This will depend in your willing to give.

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Adrian47 Premium
The first truth to success is that you must learn how to give in order to be successful when you receive. That how my grandfather told me when I was extremely egoistic with my childhood friends and wanted to keep everything for myself. I must confess that the old advice changed me a lot.
Thank you, Granpa!
EvedYejudah Premium
The best advice comes for our grandfathers. I agree with you Adrian. Thanks for sharing. Blessings
Vickic3 Premium
paying it forward is such a great feeling Luis
Always make s me smile
Go easy
EvedYejudah Premium
Thank you Vicki. Bless you.
Cass51 Premium
That is so true and reflects that concept of pay it forward. The support we get today we give to others as we grow. Nice one Luis:)
EvedYejudah Premium
Give at the same time we recieve. The key to a bless life. Thank you for sharing Cass. Bless you.