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Hey eveyone! I'm Ben, married + a beautiful 2 y/o daughter. For years i was curious about the idea of making money online, thinking "if





What would you consider to be the main difficulty for newbies?

What would you consider to be the main difficulty for newbies?

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I joined WA somewhere in April i think. It's my 1st introduction to internet marketing so you can imagine how fortunate i was to find such an amazing community without having to de

hi guys trying to do my first site,,,will b up all night.....my question...i have found a keyword with only 2 search results........this will get me ranked higher??????

Searches = the amount of people looking up that keyword. High is good (anything above 50).
Search results = competition. Under 400 results is good.

In my case, A lac of internet and computer knowledge, trusting what ever was offered out there, at a heavy cost, and little follow thru, Most support systems a waste of time
So what ever business venture I purchased , The leadership was not available. what I see here is far superior. and easy to understand, hooray


From your own text: "...keep your vision only on the next step. If you worry and fret about where you're going and how you'll get there, you won't actually be doing the learning in the here and now. Your mind will be elsewhere."

There's EXACTLY the problem I'm experiencing right now and for YEARS!

I'm not still and expert, because I have spent several years starting. I wish I could learn how to focus.

I have the book "The Power Of NOW".. Will start reading it and try to put your words on practice. ;-)

And I don't need to forgive you anything. Thank YOU so much, instead! ;-)


Based on my personal case, I think that the biggest difficulty for Internet Marketers newbies is a combination between the information overload and the anxiety of getting the results faster than what is really possible.

Both reasons make you feel overwhelmed and lead you to keep changing and searching here and there, wondering if "this is finally it", creating a vicious cycle of paying for a new program, realizing you need to go through "that period" of studying and getting the necessary knowledge to achieve your goals, giving up, and then trying another program with the subsequent spent of MORE money, and so forth... That leaves you tired, frustrated, and in many cases, you give up... for a period of time!

Until you realize that working with a company that is not yours, with a boss that is not YOU, it doesn't work anymore, and it is NEVER going to work again!

That's bad! Because I'm here, hesitating about paying other HUNDREDS of dollars to try to make it faster, thinking that by doing that, I'm going to recover all the time I have wasted on this cycle since 2009... Sad, right? :-(

You know, there's a trick to being at peace with a decision once it's made. My husband's good at it, but I'm not so much. If you second-guess yourself constantly, you'll exhaust yourself and never make progress.

I don't know if you're already an expert in IM and if you are then maybe Kyle's beginner classes aren't worth doing for you. But, just like Maria von Trapp says, 'Let's start at the very beginning, it's a very good place to start...' You're at WA and it's a good place to be. You just need to follow through.

Take just one step, then another, keep your vision only on the next step. If you worry and fret about where you're going and how you'll get there, you won't actually be doing the learning in the here and now. Your mind will be elsewhere.

Forgive me for going on... You just remind me of myself a while back. :o)

I read the Power of Now. It has helped me hugely to quieten the ceaseless, worrying prattling of my mind and allowed me to be at peace with my decisions.

Good luck tibby!

When we try to learn something that huge we often get freaked out when we're looking forward and realizing how much we still have to learn.

Hey, here's a thought: try looking backwards and seeing how much you have already learned!

And one more thing:
"If you're willing to do for a year what others won't, you will spend a lifetime doing what others can't". Unknown author...

You know, I have wondered on this one before too. For me personally, it's finding a way to slip in time to work on pages and articles when my daily life is sporadic at best. And, then when I do get the small time amounts I have family distractions that need me.

So finding a balance with little kids, pets, spouses and their work schedules as well as finding things to write on - that is a huge difficulty for a newbie (as I am one too). Many have routines already in place ... but not all. Hope that helps with at least 1 point we can stumble on.


Speaking from my experience here thus far- it's been two weeks- I am struggling to work out an effective routine for:

- doing my daily training

- responding to messages (I want to be polite and express gratitude for assistance and advice given

- pulling together pillar content articles that I will soon be dropping into my website

- trying to keep the rest of my life running (which was busy before I ever started at WA)

I was going to ask the Big Dogs how they do it, actually!

thank you for your reply. i share some of your difficulties... my day job's productivity has decreased since i joined because i spend a lot of time reading and learning rather than actually working :-)

my main problem is the distractions. I find it hard to stick to my daily plan... i find myself reading or watching a webinar instead of writing an article, or researching keywords that hove noting to do with my niche... it's hard for me to focus, and the abundance of information only sets me off course in many cases. Of course having a lot of info is a good thing to have - i just have to learn how to focus.

i think the main difficulty for newbies is the realization that it's bloody hard work. you dive in head first, set up a site, write articles and still nothing happens... that's when i think the enthusiasm fades. That's the first obstacle we must pass.

Yes. I agree.

I have found that if I bookmark what I've been watching, and take written notes (one page per topic), I can better keep track of the training and, specifically, of where I've been and what I've been following through on. Then I don't feel what I've been doing has been a 'distraction', but rather another thing learned.

And if I'm not willing to take notes, I probably don't need to be watching it.

I think an efficient routine is something we're going to grow into.

And as for keeping the motivation going after the initial glow is gone? That's where the WA community comes in, I should imagine.

what do i do i'm lost

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adding a thumbnail to a post

adding a thumbnail to a post

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Everything Wordpress

hey, i can't seem to add a thumbnail to posts appearing on my home page. i tried the "set featured image" but it pnly displays a full size image. When i googled the question i foun

This is dependent on the theme Ben. If you see a spot for a featured image and add it there, the actual theme will dictate how this image shows up within your blog roll. Without getting into some actual coding, you will have to either be happy with how your theme looks or choose a new one.

thanks kyle

No problem, if you do have any further questions let me know. There are things you can do to modify this if you are proficient when coding, but I typically recommend choosing a theme where you like the "blog" roll styling from the get go. WIll make life easier.

Dang! Thanks Kyle! Disappointing to hear this but helpful.

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Keywords for a domain?

Keywords for a domain?

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Hey, i apologize if my question has been discussed before, which i'm sure it has... after i found my niche i'm looking into buying a domain name.How crucial is it to search for a d

Although I'm still sort of new at this, I thought I'd put my two cents in here. My website that I started at the end of August/beginning of September of 2012 now has at least a few of its articles/blogs on the first page of Google without the quotes and it is NOT an Exact Match Domain either! I am not really sure how long it took for them to get on the first page, since I just came across this a couple days ago by accident when looking something up and realized "Hey, that's my web site!"
So, I think either way as long as you keep putting good content on your site it will eventually get ranked up in Google. Best of luck to you!

I'm not a fan of EMDs (exact match domains), I'd much rather have a memorable brand, such as www.boohoo.com than www.buycheapwomensclothesonline.com. It's easier to remember and more flexible over the long term. Remember, you can drive traffic to any domain name, www.apple.com doesn't sell fruit, amazon.com doesn't sell rivers, etc. Rich.

hmmm.. good point. i appreciate it

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