Even through the bitter cold, your business can thrive!

Last Update: February 16, 2021

Depending on the part of the world you live in, you could currently be in the middle of a cold, cold winter. Here in south Texas, winter is practically unheard of. So when it suddenly drops to the teens for a few days, with sleet falling, ice on the roads, power outages, etc., it quickly escalates to the great ice panic of 2021.

Im currently bundled up in my bed, sitting with my laptop in my lap. It's running off my phone's hotspot, which i charged while on a 30 minute drive to give the dogs (and me) a change in scenery. My house hasn't had power since yesterday morning. It's below freezing outside, and probably around 50 degrees F inside the house. And as it starts to get dark and colder in this powerless house as night falls, i'm reminded of how lucky i am to have a business that isn't affected by weather, nor a global pandemic.

Online business is where it's at.

When the pandemic hit, what did people do? They started searching online for answers. When weather hits, does an online business suddenly go into panic mode? Not at all. Your neck of the woods could be in 20 ft of snow, but that doesn't affect your global audience checking out your content in the least.

Traffic still flows consistently to your site and to your content.
And conversions and commissions continue to come in.

Realize the full power you have in your hands with WA's training. Understand how investing into yourself now can literally create thousands in revenue down the road. Don't doubt yourself. Trust the system. Be stubborn with your success.

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Create a mindset that you're in a university class.
Work accordingly.
Follow WA's amazing step by step training.

You will be the owner of your own pandemic proof, weather proof, thriving business.

Focus on learning. And everything else falls into place.

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Newme202 Premium
That may be possible for some but for me, when it is freezing my hands can't move to write any articles.
Still a great motivating blog.
Linda103 Premium
Very innovative Eric. Surprising how many people have no idea they have a hotspot on their phone.
I love that this work is so mobile and as you say, no one cares if you have snow, a heatwave or a zombie apocalypse happening. Life carries on the same online.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very true, indeed, Eric!

ericcantu Premium Plus
Glad you enjoyed this!
JeffreyBrown Premium
I did, indeed, Eric! Stay warm!