Is Gutenberg the end of their business?

Last Update: August 11, 2018

Hi everyone,

I have been away from the Internet in general for about 2 weeks.

Just took of sometime to catch up with things not related to the Internet. That's necessary for us living a dot com lifestyle.


I'm sure everyone here (working in WP CMS) knows about Gutenberg.

As a matter of fact, I think it's the monster that's taking WP to a whole new level.

WordPress is the world's #1 Content Management System. According to stats, it powers over 30% of the Internet.

Will Gutenberg have an impact on this?

I think YES!

Gutenberg will make it even more crazy.

What we have now is an introduction (Just a plugin). It's simply the editor redeveloped.

Even at that, it's begining to paralyse some drag & drop, WYSIWYG or content editors with the introduction of BLOCKS.

Gutenberg phase II : This is said to focus on page templates

Gutenberg phase III : Full site customizer

Does this threaten WP Theme business?

The second and third phases may bring wp theme developers to start thinking. If Gutenberg's final release allows users to fully customers site layout, it may have a heavy impact on most themes and plugins.

How do you see the future of this roll out?

Does it announce the end of wp theme business? Is something remarkable going to change?

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DMcCalister Premium
Excellent question - great post. I personally think not, in fact, I would bet the theme providers are already hard at work making sure they stay ahead of what WP is doing with Gutenberg - making competition good for all of us!

enstinemuki Premium
Hey Dallas,
They ain't sleeping now ;)
But given the 3rd phase of Gutenberg, they will have to come up with something exceptional.

Sometimes, it's not good to build your business on someone else's
RCourtney Premium
I am wading into the fray. I think it has great potential. With a few more additions we will easily do without themes.
enstinemuki Premium
Looks like we are seeing through the same pinhole
MKearns Premium
This is fascinating Enstine worth studying as it rolls out!
enstinemuki Premium
Yes Mike. I think we have huge changes in the days ahead.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend
RAFStuart Premium
Am getting mixed messages on this so am going to adopt the wait and see attitude.
enstinemuki Premium
Hey Stuart,
I have it on some of my smaller blogs.
For my main blog, I'll wait too
RAFStuart Premium
Sounds like a plan.
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Enstine, I have been playing around with Gutenberg and I found it a little strange compared to WordPress, then I found Marion's training on Gutenberg and after going through her training videos, I wrote a new article today and it felt so easy. Marion was saying the Gutenberg platform is still not launched and of course, there will be hiccups along the way but it may turn out to be very good
Not sure if WP will still be available but I have a feeling ti will
I have just been searching for Marion's' training on this and can't find it right now.
enstinemuki Premium
Hey Vicky, I will search for Marion's as well and see what she's published. I can feel it's helpful.

This phase of Gutenberg is optional. It will be turned on automatically with WP 5.0 with an option to roll back to the classic editor. But I think the long term version will give us no option.

Let's see how it goes