'WATER' got me my 1st commission on Share-a-sale.

Last Update: August 02, 2018

Well...Im doing what we do and follow the training, Im still working on my websites doing what we do best, writing articles and sharing our valuable content. I go find me an affiliate link that I feel will go great with my post from share-a-sale and place the link into my post just like we had been taught. Then not more than a week and a half later, I go to my share-a-sale to go find another product, when BOOM my eyes attached to some exciting news, after I opened my shareasale and there on my dashboard I see... $52.50! Hehe I chuckle to myself! saying to myself as I go through the pages to find out how did I get that sale? Anyway it was a water-smacker that I sold, a microclustering alkaline ionized water machine that I did my review page on! Haha! I thought man, "Kyle you really do know what your teaching us here" as I sit in amazement staring at this commission I just made, my very "first commission sale" WOW! .

I want to share and encourage all my WA family especially our newbies who maybe still a little skeptical about whether they have done the right thing by joining the WA. I would like to encourage you more by saying you definitely have! I am 51 and had only the bearest of knowledge in technology, just the basics (like bringing up my emails to read) thinking I could run an online business was just a dream I didnt really think I could own an online business, But I do now, wow, I admit It has been very, very challenging! We truly are learning a new type of language, an online lingo and guess what? New languages just dont come easy (unless of cause you were born a genius) because it's not an over night learning thing, its going to take some time and effort & it truly will be hard at times, I wanted to pull my hair out or pick up my compy and biff it at the wall sometimes, actually many types of challenges I was being confronted with, but I wasnt going to give up easy this time around.

There is going to be work for me to do, my brain has to crank up a notch to grasp all this new knowledge but... I do know from my own experience when you want to learn something bad enough you will go for it no matter what, there seems to be an inner drive that will keep nudging at you, until you achieve that goal you want. I never thought I would be able to create myself, my own website but I have one now, made from my ownself, that still amazes me, I know about affiliate programmes, links and banners, social media, ads, funnels, QSR, SEO, engaging, value in our content & there is so much more we have learnt here! This new language I love learning about, a feeling of walking into the limitless it gives me if I stick at this. I have the power withinside me to create my own freedom, a freedom I have only dreamed of having. and I know deep within that I can do it also, I just need to continue working toward knowing more about this online arena & not giving up on myself but by sticking at this to the very end & fulfill seeing my dreams coming true for myself.

My first commission $52.20 Can you imagine what that does to the head after its sunk in? It says 'I can create more by turning this into $520' and then $5200 the mind just starts blowing me away. Its ok.. because it is free to dream and dreams have known to come true. Even if it is only water you start with! So dont give up, keep going, you will get there if you trust in yourself more dear amazing W.A,-RRIORS!

Anyway this is the website that got me my first commission. Water is such a powerful force that it even can create an income. I wish the very same for all the ones who stick at their dream to the very end and succeed in all that they be and do, also..


Thank you

Michelle aka Energyess

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MBreece Premium
Congratulations! Sometimes wins like this are just the motivation a person needs to keep going. I am so glad you shared this so your win can help motivate others.
Energyess Premium
Thank you Maryann Im so glad you came over to read my blog. Thank you so much, many blessings sent your way
DianeWehi Premium
Wow! Congratulations Energyess.
Thats one heck of a commission.
You have inspired me to continue on this path and never give up.
Great work!
You are my heroine of the day hehe

Di :)
Energyess Premium
Namaste, Diane yes continue on your path & please dont give up, we truly have everything needed to become successful on this journey with WA and it truly comes down to ourselves so dont give up on you Diane as you are the Heroine of your journey and a great one too! You are doing fantas-diddlyastic Diane. Keep going I'm rooting for ya! Thank you for your comment and for reading my blog, appreciation sent your way!
DianeWehi Premium
Inspiring words Energyess.
Thank you for your support.
Appreciate you :)
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Michelle

Whooo-hooo! So happy for you! That is so exciting, isn't it? I can still remember when we made our first sale in 2011, it was the most amazing feeling.

And like you say... now that you know "the formula" and you know that you can do it, it is just a matter of 'rinse and repeat' as the cliché goes. ;-)

Wishing you much success, Michelle!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
Energyess Premium
Wow Sharlee way back in 2011 what a buzz. Yes, I,m still buzzing lol. I still got lots to learn but slowly and surely like a pacer not a racer hehee. Thank you so much for your comment I appreciate other WA families input. I can't wait to apply this new formula more it truly is buzzy. Take care Sharlee and Thank you again
firstlearn Premium
Congratulations Michelle.

Energyess Premium
Thank you Derek
muhsayy Premium
Congratulations! Many people have seen first sales at 1, 2, and 5 dollars, but you have started with $50 from a standing start, Ain't life Grand? Beautiful news. May you have much, much more!
Energyess Premium
Thank you so much Muhammad, I will just keep being grateful to the higher Spirit for looking down at me and blessing me, knowing more will be given. I Appreciate you reading my blog, many thanks to you Muhammad, Namaste