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Mind, your doing my head in!It's amazing how our minds work. One minute Im having the greatest buzz, Im working on my website, doing my training, loving everything on my course and in life and then next minute the mind is telling me, I dont understand this, or I dont want to be doing this or that, or telling myself its hard or I haven't enough time there is too many articles to write lol and I end up having a tennis game in my head where I eventually end up with a headache for beating myself up
Well...Im doing what we do and follow the training, Im still working on my websites doing what we do best, writing articles and sharing our valuable content. I go find me an affiliate link that I feel will go great with my post from share-a-sale and place the link into my post just like we had been taught. Then not more than a week and a half later, I go to my share-a-sale to go find another product, when BOOM my eyes attached to some exciting news, after I opened my shareasale and there on my
Sometimes you really dont know what you have until its gone!First time I walked my WA journey it wasnt a successful one for me! I didnt follow instructions (the training) I just bounced all over the place, thought I would do the boot camp training, got mixed up in where or what I was meant to be following, doing things like making up my own type of blogs that had nothing to do with uplifting or building anyone up especially myself to successfully try & create that online business that I ha
2014 I was an excited being, I just joined WA and then surprizingly I go leave three months later, financially and self doubt bit me in the butt that I left early in 2015. 3 years and 5 months later the day being - May 14 2018 I return, alot happened in those three years but the little I had learnt from WA never left me. It was early in May this year, that I tossed and turned for three days hearing the words wealthy affiliates.. I didnt cotton on that my intuition and the law of attraction was
January 18, 2015
I watched a documentary (what the bleep do we know) awhile ago ,it actually came out before the (Secret ) both are similar in message but (the secret) is more condensed and simplified. (The bleep) is more meatier and deep with more great scientific references & facts, (I loved both those movies). Both, agree that Everything is Energy. They show Us under a microscope down to the sub-atomic level pass the quarks, That we are ENERGY and that the ONLY thing that is REAL, was the vibration,
HAve you got yourself into a place within where you really want to get personal, like, totally being Oneself and telling the world about ones experience, even TRANSPARENT & allowing self to just be comfortable about telling people your Story.Have You done that before? It's a pretty amazing experience! It shows You start see your beliefs programmed deep within which awakens you to what needs working on within, it is such a great exercise I wanted to share, I didn't expect to feel the way
January 02, 2015
Today doing a blog on my keyword FREEDOM so I have created an acronym about Freeing oneself which starts from Within. F - is the FAITH You build from within when You FORGIVE yourself for all your Fears and Failures that crippled you from moving Forward. R - is the RESPECT you will give yourself which you REJOICE over, with your New REBIRTH. E - is ones ENERGY that EMINATES & EXPANDS where you are ENLIGHTENING Everyone whom comes into your Life. E - has the EYES of EQUALITY, a True ESSENCE