UPDATE: 09 April 2014

Last Update: April 10, 2014

UPDATE: 09 April 2014:

  • Completed all ten lessons in Course 1, "Get Started Here". ALL TEN. Congratulate me, please. I'm a bit exhausted, as I did it in record time...three weeks? since going Premium.
  • Supported WA community and improved ranking from its original 14,999 to 876 on April 6th, 2014 to today's ranking of 521.
  • I have collected a long list of "awesome keywords" relevant to chosen niches, enough to account for 35,000 "monthly searches" of traffic amongst multiple domain sites. By "awesome" -- I mean that they fall well within Kyle's description of what we are all shooting for.
  • I have purchased 8+ distinct domains (I lost count and am now too tired to go back and confirm the exact number.) I hope to point some towards each other (mirror eachother?) rather than host each individually.
  • For the FIRST PRIMARY NICHE -- for which I've already created Buzz in FB -- I have written the About Emme; the Privacy Policy (thank Kyle for giving us an easy copy-n-paste), and a Personal Essay as an extended version for the About Emme.
  • Must now concentrate on reading and writing Quality Content (IN PROCESS & ONGOING)
  • Having eliminated both Startlogic and GoDaddy as Hosts, I am THOROUGHLY but THOROUGHLY satisfied with BlueHost as both a domain and host provider. They have made this "get up and running" process unbeatably doable and easy. I fully intend to become their Affiliate Marketer as it is SO easy to stand behind one's recommendations.
  • That said, still PENDING is the receipt of EPP Auth Code for domain-2 to new host, currently held too-tightly by GoDaddy. Until this transfer is complete, I pay two domain-service providers (GD and BH) Intended goal: Have all domains and host services under one roof: Bluehost
  • Updated self with WA and returned to WA community support activities and learning exercises ... updated 09 April 2014 at 20h57.
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TinaB Premium
You have done so much in such short time that I am impressed. I just became a new member, and I have a long way to go to learn and accomplish as much as you have already.
boomergp08 Premium
Wow Emme! That's awesome progress! I'm not going to repeat any of the great advice you received from the other WA members below. So all I will say is...Slow Down! Take some time for yourself so you can recharge. I know what it is like to be full of ideas and wanting to have multiple websites. When I started I had at least 3 niches I wanted to promote which grew to 5 after I built my first website. But I quickly learned that focusing on more than one is difficult so those other niche websites will have to wait.

Just try to stay focused and make sure you take some time to relax because the brain functions better when it is relaxed and recharged. Keep us posted Emme on your progress. ~ Robert
nomari357 Premium
Thank you for your update. There was a lot of helpful information. I hope Go Daddy releases your domains soon. Good luck.
Marcus WFHW Premium
Well, that is AWESOME progress, Emme!

My best advice here would be to solely focus on just one of your niche options for now.

Once you digest the training and realize just how much potential there is out there, it is very easy to come up with multiple niche ideas.

They won't be wasted at all because you can return to them at a later date, and you will learn from the experience each time.

I would just like to also mention your hosting options because as a Premium member at WA you can host unlimited sites completely free of charge.

And if you are considering promoting a hosting company as an affiliate, why not promote WA because there are MANY benefits at WA for those who need a reputable hosting service - as we all know ;-)

With all that said you are making excellent progress, Emme, and if you continue to commit in this way and focus on the right things at the right time, success will definitely come your way!

Keep me updated ;-)
Labman Premium
Yes, GoDaddy really hates to give up their control. Looks good.
Is there a reason why you have decided against WA hosting?

I have some sites with BlueHost as well and have never had issues with them. They are quite reliable. Keep up the good work.
forsthomas Premium
Great now you are in the right direction ;)

skandy85 Premium
Keep going, you are on the right track. =)
webreal Premium
You've struck awesome like a bolt of lightening. Great job Emme, I hope I can do as well. You're an inspiration to all of the newbies!
gmegs Premium
Wow - I'm so impressed!
I have a number of sites myself, and sometimes get torn between them - want to get even more in time.
emmesinger Premium

I'm just dashing through WA at the moment, so here is a quick reply for now. ...

Please read the reply above from "Marcus WFHW" regarding multiple sites and the need for focus (to fight that sense of being torn between and hence, accomplishing much less overall). Marcus' advice resonates with that heard from other highly successful executives of the non-virtual world so I know it's worth heeding.

People full of energy and multiple ideas like you and me just need to insist on an inner discipline to focus on ONE, to materialize fully at least ONE, to get IT out there, Be Complete. The other sites/projects will still be there and will likely be all the better and faster served by what we've disciplined ourselves to learn by Completing this first one.

Thank you for stopping by and expressing yourself. Stay in touch.

JohnFerihan Premium
Incredibly awesome Emme! Congrats on completing all 10 lessons in course 1 in record time! Now, take a break, relax, and reflect on everything that you've achieved to this point to appreciate your accolades. Here's to continued success, and keep us posted on your progress from here!
merryman88 Premium
My God Emme .
You are a little fireball, Hour many hours do you have in your day, 48 your enthusiasm and drive does you great credit don't burn your self out .

Make some time for yourself.
I am going to follow you and watch your progress with great interest .

Ray Bowley ( Merryman88)
msdj8163 Premium
You have done well. Keep progressing. Remember its not a race to finish. You have done a great amount of work. All the best. Debbie
emmesinger Premium
Thank you Debbie. ... You're right. I obsess a little but am going off for a walk in the next half hour so that will help a lot. Terea (Trialynn below) would agree, I'm sure. Em
Trialynn Premium
Great going Emme! Pace yourself, I want to see an end result, not visit you in the hospital for exhaustion!
emmesinger Premium
:-D You know what I hope to have one day? Space enough to have my own puppy or two!! They'd help me relax and avoid exhaustion, for sure. I live in a teeny flat, however, big enough for a single person ... no room for a pup to romp n play. ....Soon.....soon ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!