yahoo, I can post more than once a day.

Last Update: May 25, 2017

I just posted a quote I found about consistency and thought of WA. While I was still on Pinterest trying to find a suitable picture of a quilt for a blog I am writing, I found another great quote.

I copied that quote and thought I would use it for a blog tomorrow since I can only post one blog a day until I am on WA for three months.

So, I do the post and click publish expecting to be told it would save to draft and guess what? It published.

Woohoo, happy dance. I have been with WA for three months and can post more than once a day. Time goes fast on here.

Happy dance is now over, back to work I go.

Have a great day or night, everybody.


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5-qpq Premium
Hey, emergent, stop having so much fun, lol! Congratulations Becky :)
verazhelvis Premium
My congratulations, Sharon...Wish you further success!...:)
accad Premium
Good, you can do it.
DShensky Premium
AlexEvans Premium
A milestone reached Sharon well done and keep going.