My Progress Report

Last Update: January 30, 2015

Hi guys,

Here is my progress Report. This is my 4th month with Wealthy Affiliate, so far I have 4 websites but concentrating on 1, the Guide To Earning Money Online.

I'm happy to share that I saw my website at page 4 in Google . I know it's not that high, it's getting there. Oh yeah, I checked almost everyday if my site shows up in Google yet.

It didn't take 4 months to be at page 4 actually, been busy and all that but I figure if I want this to work I have to spend time working IT.

My plans and goals in the upcoming 3 months

~be more proactive in WA community, help more

~post at least 2 blogs weekly

~post training videos at least 1 weekly

~work more on finding quality keywords - I was slacking on this one in my previous site posts which I realize was a huge mistake.

My plans and goals in the upcoming 6 months

~be at top 100

~sponsor new wealthy affiliates.

What do you think? Please share some input, maybe your goals too?

Thank you


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craig6 Premium
good goals....
nathaniell Premium
I have always been big on setting goals. It's been a staple of my progress and success in the world of online business. I truly believe that setting goals and re-evaluating along the way will lead to YOUR success.
rosieM Premium
Excellent goals...make sure to keep training and your sites' upkeep a can really get sidetracked if you get 'too' involved in WA (answerin questions, reading hundreds of posts, etc.) me, and many others here, it happens all the time......
Elle1825 Premium
Thank you rosie, will do.
land207 Premium
Hi,Elle: I think your goals are very achievable. Having a site ranked on Google so soon is fantastic. It will rise in rank.
By the end of April I would like to be finished the third and fourth courses in the Online Certification Course. Posting 3 blogs weekly as well.
You don't have to answer this. Why do you think you got ranked on Google so quickly?...Tom
Elle1825 Premium
Hi Tom, I believe I got ranked in Google after my site got verified. I also filled out the All in one seo plug in that was automatically installed as per kyles training. I never bother with that plugin after i activated it but while trying to get my site verified thats when i saw in the Settings i believe.. all the site info and Keywords we need to fill out . I also submitted my website to different directories for the seo to index and crawl in.
land207 Premium
Thank you!!!
Elle1825 Premium
These are the directories of site I submitted mine for indexing. The last one took sometime.

Thank you Tom
AllynBeekman Premium
Of course, it's also a big plus that you came into WA with experience of working in internet marketing for 8 years. Many of us had no experience so we have had to spend a lot of time learning how to build a website, let alone understanding what you already knew.

This isn't a negative in any way, just another reason why you might achieve something a bit faster than many others will.

Congratulations to you!!
Elle1825 Premium
Thank you Allyn.
gappleby Premium
Hey Elle, time for a hearty Congratulations!

First of all, you've stuck with it for 4 months, which in itself tells me you're a winner. Most people would have quit.

Second, that you have 3 month and 6 month goals. You're looking ahead, and you have a plan. Fabulous!

Third, you're doing this around your 2 jobs and keeping a positive attitude. Way to go!

Fourth, one of those goals is to help others. Fantastic! He (she) who gives the most, wins.

Congrats on your ranking. BTW, your site looks very good.

If your other 3 sites are related to this one, are you linking them? That helps with authority and with ranking.

Also suggest you start building an email list. THAT's where the money is. Come up with a cool Lead Magnet and put an opt-in box on your site. that way you can email your list whenever you do a new post or have something to promote.

Good luck, and keep it the great work!

Gordon Appleby
Elle1825 Premium
A big thank you Gordon. I will look into your suggestions, yah I need to do those.