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February 12, 2015
Today I just started with the Affiliate Bootcamp and oh my, all the good stuff I learned. I keep telling myself, why I haven't done this sooner. Those who haven't started this yet, don't wait too long. And here goes my 2 out of 3 posts to share. I will count my training as my 1 out of 3 posts. :) Here is my Getting Started page which I modified after the Bootcamp training. It looks so lonely. Comments and suggestions in my post would be greatly appreciated. Success to al
February 02, 2015
Hi guys, I'm working on a page to promote Wealthy Affiliate and would like to add a few testimonials with 2 to 4 sentences. It will be posted in my page in a picture format, so I will take a screenshot of your testimonial/comment including your name and profile photo/avatar. If you want to add your website url thats ok with me. Free advertising for you in exchange of your testimonial. Sound good? Please comment bellow. Thank you! Elle
January 30, 2015
Hi guys, Here is my progress Report. This is my 4th month with Wealthy Affiliate, so far I have 4 websites but concentrating on 1, the Guide To Earning Money Online. I'm happy to share that I saw my website at page 4 in Google . I know it's not that high, it's getting there. Oh yeah, I checked almost everyday if my site shows up in Google yet. It didn't take 4 months to be at page 4 actually, been busy and all that but I figure if I want this to work I have to spend time working IT. My pla