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October 13, 2018
So I just got my 6 month badge yesterday and I thought I would do a post about it today. A lot has been learnt in those first 6 months. I have now currently got 50 posts on my caring for guinea pigs website and used the website feedback to improve the look. Managed to build up my social medias and been getting a few organic searches onto my website most days, a small number, but its getting there. I think my website authority is improving.I haven't earned anything apart from 35p on google adsen
July 16, 2018
After over 3 months of being on WA, I have produced a website on guinea pig care. I have completed 28 articles and a lot of them are indexed by Google. I have managed to get a good number of comments on most of them as well. My social media profiles are building up, on google plus I now have almost 400 followers, I have just been spending time on the sharing page on here. I have also been citing my sources on the articles. Though rank isn't everything on WA, I am up to just over 400, so pleased
I have learnt a lot so far and have now got a little bit of advertising on my site as well as product links. I have joined a couple of good affliate programs that is in my niche area. Also up to 20 blog posts on my website, a lot of them are indexed. So google is starting to find my posts, which is good, now onto rankings. Improved the navigation of my website and actually achieved one organic search on the 8th June, but no keyword was showing up to what was typed in, I am now thinking whether
Just had an email to notify me of the second website post that has now been indexed in Google. It is great and shows me that my hard work will pay off. I know not getting ranked yet in the top pages but this is a step in the right direction. I will keep creating the best content I can and try and get those rankings.
So I am just coming up to finishing lesson two of the training and have learned some helpful tips in the affliate marketing world. I like using Jaaxy helping me to find how good each keyword I think of. My first website is coming along well on what hay to feed your guinea pigs, talking about other topics around hay and guinea pig care. I achieved my first google indexing with my about me page within a few days which I was happy with. Just need to work on my keywords, typing more words and achie