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Last Update: August 05, 2013

When I was a graphic designer then I remember that I always examined the ads (what software the makers had used and how they did this or that) Now when I am here in niche marketing then I have noticed a strange thing - I see niches everywhere. Absolutely everywhere! I go to library and see all these magazines and newspapers and I notice how every publisher has chosen their specific niche (cars, women, health, fisherman, boating...). I walk on the street and see small businesses - they all have chosen some specific niche to provide the product or service. Cultural programs - niches again, sport events - niches...

I have read here and there that to succeed in your specific niche then it is better to choose the one that you are really interested in. It motivates you more and keeps you moving. True. But then I walk outside and observe the life around me and see the niches that are difficult to qualify to be interesting to anybody. Like people have their physical needs and then there are many companies that operate mobile or portable toilets. And looking at those outdoor portable toilets from this "niche perspective" I just try to figure if there is anybody who likes to work everyday with other peoples waste...

But these people have found a specific need in their community and provide the solution - and often make a good business with it. And the business is growing and becomes dear to them and they hire more and more people and provide more and more outdoor portable toilets to clean other peoples'... And they are happy in their niche. Even though in the first look you probably would not choose it as your niche :)

Just my thoughts.

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Labman Premium
It is so true, niches are everywhere.

The reason we say focus on something that interests you is you will be writing about it continuously for the foreseeable future. It is so much easier when you have an interest in it.

That isn't too say that you can't do other niches but try to focus on one at a time.
egonsarv Premium
Thank you. It is true. What I am doing, is observing life around me and trying to understand it (from this new "niche" perspective :) ) And probably this requirement here - ability to write continually - is different from other offline businesses. You can offer really good cleaning service even if you're not particularly excited about it. But it is harder to write a good content this way. So thank you for mentioning it :)
Hudson Premium
Like this post because the message is very true. In my humble opinion satisfying needs with a niche is the way to look at this business, even if the niche is not one which you are necessarily proficient in at the start, but of course it helps a great deal if you are.
egonsarv Premium
Thank you. Actually I really struggled with it in the beginning. I read that if you are not passionate about your niche then you will probably fail. Then I struggled to find profitable niche which I am also passionate. I was afraid to fail long term and I did not want to. But then I started to notice that people around me are happily serving their specific niches and many of them are not so exciting and enjoyable. And I understood that what can be satisfying is offering a good service and making people happy - and this you can do basically in any niche. Of course it helps a lot if the you enjoy it yourself too.
wtbee2013 Premium
Everything you state here I think is important. We need to remember when people say things to you like: there are a lot of people on the internet doing this how are you going to make it. I would like to remember that it is an online store, and what we sell is important for our online audience....Thank you and I see it the same as you. Just as it is time consuming starting the business's you saw, it will take some time to get ours going.

God bless
egonsarv Premium
Thank you, I more and more like the idea of actually helping people, not just trying to sell them something. And this is very motivating. And it is true - it takes time to learn and build it up.