It is possible to beat Ferrari and win

Last Update: April 13, 2013
Do you like to sit in traffic jams? I don’t. Problem is, it is everyday life here in Jakarta. The city can handle only 1 million vehicles but it has already 1.5 million and every day 300 new cars/buses/tracks and 2000 motorbikes are added.

When I bought my small 100 cc motorbike and did my first 25 km to work through Jakarta traffic then all these 25 km I was praying: "Lord… please help me that I don’t crash into anybody. Please help me that nobody crashes into me… Please protect me from the left and right and back and front and…" First time in my life I had to handle left sided traffic and in my opinion everything around me was just a chaos. It was a jungle of steel, noise, smoke, heat and humidity.

But I did it and now I have learned how to get through these jams fast (at least as fast as possible). I have learned what to avoid and what routes to choose to maneuvere myself ahead.

Sometimes in those traffic jams I have met some very fancy cars. I have won all of them. With my budget 100 cc Honda I have won black, yellow and red Ferraris, I have won Porsches, I have won Spyker and expensive Mercedes sports cars, I have won Lamborghini etc.

Some of the lessons that I have learned here, are these:

1. There are huge number of people out there but not all of them behave wisely. And huge number of people never bother to learn how to behave wisely.

2. With 1 horse power you can actually beat 1000 horse power and with budget equipment you can beat very expensive and fast and powerful sports cars, literally the best sports cars in the world.

3. When cars get stuck then motorbikes can still go through.

Today I thought that these things actually are true to internet marketing too. There are huge number of people and companies out there in internet but not all of them behave wisely. And there are huge number of companies and organisations who invest I don’t know how big sums into their websites… And yet… yet must be possible to outsmart them. Also, big companies are like cars – they are big. And because they are big they have to leave some space between themselves. And this space is enough for small motorbikes to go through and win – and this small space is our niche - to go through and win.

If I want to compete with Ferrari on the highway I don’t have any chance. The same with big companies in internet. But as it is taught here in WA – using my specific niche it is still possible to muscle myself ahead and find myself ahead of them in Google ranking. Impressive, isn’t it?! WA says that it is possible and I believe it. We just need to learn to master it.
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Shields Premium
Well done; I like the way you brought it back to WA--very smooth!
golf1800s Premium
Thanks for the post! I ride a motorbike everyday as I dont have a car! Living in Johannesburg (RSA), I had enough of the traffic and thus found that Sandy (my Suzuki Bandit 650) gets me there much quicker! I am a medical IT technician by day so I travel a lot - I'd be grey and old if I were still driving a car! Again, thanks for the post!
Thanks for the excellent post. I really like your attitude.
Now I think, what if we can run tens or hundreds of these "motorbikes", while the "Ferrari drivers" are only focuses on pushing their big Ferraris? In this way it can be not only "relative success" but also more real success.
kaliinozarks Premium
This reminds me of the old fairy tale, The Tortoise and the Hare. If you have heard this one it's about a race between the slow tortoise and the fast hare (rabbit). The rabbit took off in a flash and tired pretty easily and got sidetracked. The tortoise, however, just kept plodding along at his slow pace. Eventually, at the finish line, the tortoise won because the hare just didn't keep focused.

Keep your eye on the prize, pal, and you will prevail. Just like on your Honda.

frinkable Premium
Very well said and very motivational. It is possible; I believe it too.