WHO is Taking Your Money?

Last Update: May 02, 2017

If you still don't know who you are against with, your business will flop!

After all the content I have in my website, now I realize how important it is to know your competitors.

I am talking about the ones that are on the 1st page of Google.

YEAH.. The first 10 positions.

Who are the owners of those 10 websites?

How you are going to outrank them, and be seen by visitors?

Without visitors, you won't even have a chance to make sales.

Me personally, I often do Internet Marketing product reviews.

And I have shockingly been outranked by at least 5 competitors.

Of course I'm mad. :)

I then do what I always preach.

SPY the competitors!

I immediately open up Google Spreadshit. (yes..shit)



I copy every single competitor "main website URL" that I found on the 1st page of Google, under a specific product review keyword.

Paste all of them inside the SpreadSheets..

After that.. I check each of the website's DA (Domain Authority) using this tool:


The higher the number, the easier for them to rank higher because Google love websites with high DA.

I also use a tool to check when my competitor website is created.


After I performed the checking..I cried! :'(

How in the world!.. These new websites beat me?

Just look at it again! (My website is at No.11 by the way)

5-6 competitors have higher DA than my website. What did they do that I didn't?

Later I found out that apparently..These people are building links.

I use this tool:


But I thought Google doesn't put weight on Backlinks anymore?


Link Building definitely helps your overall ranking. But be sure that the source come from High Quality websites.

SO what's next?

Learn how to build links pointing to your website. The topic itself can be understood in a few hours of research.

And there are tons of free information out there to be learnt.

Only those who take action WIN.

The rest? Their money will be taken by others.

Not only your business. Your future too!

Your loved one may be cheating right now with someone else who is more capable.

You may be fired next month, and replaced by a better employee.

You don't just want to succeed.

But you must be obsessed to succeed!

Take success by the throat, and don't let it slips your finger.

WHY are you here?

WHY should you be better than anyone else in your Niche?

WHY aren't you getting what you deserve yet?

GO out there, and DOMINATE your own Niche!


Edy Chandra

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nice work man,loved this post,u really have a great feeling 4 writing.funny and strong.no way success can evade u.
hope i develope your kind of skill in time.
Surfdude123 Premium
My domain authority is now 24 out of 100. 6ot great but a couple months ago was 11. So, this has taken me 16 months to accomplish. There is more to do but my site has about 250 posts so it can't be lack of content I hope. I am confused as to increase this score but overthinking it certainly does nothing for results or your state of mind.
ajourdan79 Premium
Thank you for this! Big help!!
minitrio Premium
I'm now obsessed! Thanks :)
BobBarr Premium
"But I thought Google doesn't put weight on Backlinks anymore?"

For a long time, I think that google was probably giving more weight to backlinks than may have been warranted. This resulted in a lot of people "gaming the system" by getting backlinks wherever they could, regardles of their relevance or quality. Backlinks are very easy for google to find and they do provide at least some indication of the popularity of a site.

Over time, google has modified its ranking processes and they appear to have reduced the significance of backlinks. I don't believe, though, that backlinks will ever be completely eliminated from affecting the rankings.