Month 10 Progress Report - HNY 2016!


Happy New Year 2016!

2015 had passed, and will never come back again. So it's time to think forward right?

As usual.. My (every 2 month) report progress will be shared here. And they are not much to tell besides that I have started my college for degree level.

YES, I am preparing myself for employment. But yet, I don't want it.

Anyways, sometime we as children need to listen to our parents. For me personally, my mum n dad want me to graduate and get a good job.

Here's the plan:

My parents spend about US$40,000 for my 54 months of education (Diploma + Degree level). So to break even, I need to earn US$2,000 net salary for 20 months. But we if include the living expenses, it will probably take longer.

Let's say I graduate at the age of 23, so 25 onwards I can have positive ROI(Return On Investment).

And yes ladies and gentlemen, traditional education is also an investment. But the investment is NOT a smart one.

The reason?

When you are trained to work for someone else, your position is not guaranteed.

1. You can be replaced by someone else who accept lower salary but still have better skills than you.

2. Getting a job now can be frustrating. Although I have not embarked on the journey yet. But the rumors have spread like wildfire already. Especially in the country that I am studying right now.

3. When you are finished, you cannot pass the job to your next generation. (But if you own a business, you can pass it to your children). Make sense!

And of course there are more pros and cons. Fortunately, I have learnt some other "ways of earning passive income".

I think most of us inside Wealthy Affiliate are already familiar with this. Depending on paycheck is not the right move. You get taxed I heard~

In addition, cost of goods are increasing every single year. Also known as "inflation".

Your $100,000 can devalue to $65,000 in the next 20 years. Imagine you work your butt off to save that money, and in the future the value drop? It can be devastating. That's one of the reasons some senior folks have to work at the age over 60. In my place, government will not care of their citizens. So it is much better to have our own game plan. isn't it?

You get the idea,,

Anyway, let's just go to the report then..

Recap from my Previous Goals:

  • Finding a Ghost Writer (in process)
  • Making 10 Internet Marketing related Videos (nope)
  • Complete the unfinished tasks from previous report (nope)
  • Reach 4-Figures a month in passive income (yes..)

Back into Affiliate Marketing topic. I have a small success at the end of 2015. I actually get passed through the 4 figures mark in a month.

The revenue is increasing rapidly because of WA Black Friday event if you can recall.

It is quite fascinating. If you look at 5-6 months before that, it is at low 3 figures. Heck, it took me 3 months to make my first sale. I am glad I didn't give up easily. Why? Because I trust the training inside WA, and I implement it.

In comparison to my college fee, I think it is worth 111 yearly membership. $40,000 divide by WA yearly membership. You get around 111.

If you want to invest in something, think of the reward and compare. Most people rather spend their money on "stuff" that don't benefit their lives in the long run, instead on something useful.

When I got started. I eliminate "things" that I don't need. Surely I have extra bucks at the end of the month. So use it to invest for Internet Marketing knowledge. And well, it pays off. :)

2016 is going to be good year. Even it is not, I have to make it happen. I am aiming for 5 Figures in mind. I will start focusing more in PPC campaigns and maybe CPA offers too. We'll see.

I will update my progress in the next two months.



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Thanks for sharing your success. You remind me of me when I was younger. I'm only thirty but I remember my late teens early twenties. Keep your focus. You're doing way better than what I was in the sense that you have your own business already. I hope your road to success is a lot shorter than mine, and you reach it faster. On the rate that you're going you will! Again thanks for sharing, you have been an inspiration to many.


First off, congrats on your success Edy. It is well deserved and I have no doubts that your success will continue to grow moving forward.

I like how you have touched on the education world and you have some very valid points. Not only is it very expensive, you typically have to wait 4-5 years until you can hopefully get a job as a "beginner" in the career that you have just studied for.

So not only are you out expenses and your tuition fees, you are out 4 years of full time work (which is another $200K+). Something that most people fail to think about.

Earn while you learn, applied knowledge, hands on education with those that are succeeding...these are all things that the online world and being part of WA can represent. :)

So happy to hear about you hitting your milestones and I can only imagine what you are going to be able to accomplish in the year ahead!

You have totally inspired me.

Sounds like you have a clear vision for the future. Good luck!

Congrats Edy for achieving the 4 figures :) Well yeah , 9 to 5 sucks if you don't like working on someone's business. Hope you will be able to graduate without even needed to get a job :)

wow that is a lot of great planning and congratulations on your success so far and I am sure with your attitude and plan you have you will reach your goals and far beyond all the best Max

Hi Congrats on your success.

Congrats, Inspirational. I need to draw my own plan after my big event next week.

Wow! what an inspiration. Imagine what you can accomplish if you focus on your business instead of a day job. Congratulations!

Hello Edy. Wow such good result you have there. I'm aiming at such result.

I think that most of the western countries' inflation rate runs 4 to 5 percent annually.

Anyway one quick question. What PPC campaigns are you using bro? Can you recommend some that works good?

I am using Bing Ads.
But I haven't put any focus on others.
And for Google Adwords. Ehm.. Not possible because their policy is very strict.

I see. Thanks Edy. :D

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