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Last Update: June 21, 2021

Earlier this year I decided to dive into Email Marketing. Confusion set in and I did nothing.

I am a very slow learner and barely graduated from University. It takes me a very long time to figure things out.

Here at WA we have several means to solve problems. We can ask for help in the Questions area. There is real time chat. And there are all kinds of classes not only by Jay but also by other members.

The Basics

I knew a little about the basics of Email marketing as follows: For example I needed the following 7 items as a minimum.

  1. Autoresponder
  2. Prospect Name and Email Capture Form
  3. Process To Add This Form In Blog Posts
  4. Free Offer In Exchange For Name and Email
  5. Landing Page
  6. List Builder
  7. Series of Campaign Messages

My Problem

The easy part was to subscribe to an Autoresponder. I was familiar with Aweber as I had used them in 1998 in my first MLM program.

Initially they only offered a temporary free service. When they changed their policy and offered a totally free service with a maximum of 500 leads, I decided to sign on.

When I checked out the dashboard, paralysis set in. I had no idea where to start. These were the questions I had.

  1. How do I create the data capture form and place that in my blog posts?
  2. What is the optimum landing page creation process?
  3. Steps to create my list.
  4. How do I make the captured data end up in my Email list?
  5. Is it OK to ask the prospect to download the free eBook on my landing page?

I think you get the idea. Most members probably already know the answers.

The Solution

I used several of the avenues to here at WA to get my questions answered. The best advice I received was to watch the Email Marketing webinars by Jay Neill. I had seen past webinars on Email Marketing.

Lucky for me Jay recently devoted a whole month of webinars to Email Marketing. I signed up and watched them.

As good a teacher as Jay is, I had problems in remembering what he taught. Fortunately these webinars are recorded.

I reviewed the sections I needed again. But I stopped and started the video and followed the instructions that Jay gave, step by step.

The Results

I was able to do the following:

  1. Used Aweber to create my name and email capture form
  2. Learned how to copy the code and paste that in my blog post
  3. Jay recommended creating the landing page on my website, which I did
  4. I created an Email list in Aweber and enabled the captured data to be stored there
  5. Set up the free offer download process on my landing page

What is left is the creation of the marketing messages in Aweber. This is th easy part for me.

I tested the process by entering my name and Email address in the capture form. Aweber by default uses a double opt-in process. Hence, I received a message in my Email box to confirm my opting in. After I did that my temporary name and Email was confirmed in Aweber as good to go.

My Reaction

To others this may be routine stuff. But to me this was exhilarating. But even after going through the process, I cannot remember all the steps I took within Aweber. Hence, I will have to review the respective webinar sections to drive the process in my mind so that it will become routine to use in the future.

That is the advantage of having all the webinars archived, You have the option of speeding up the playback speed when it is necessary to get through them quickly. Or you can stop and start the playback to give yourself more time to absorb all the detailed information.

Check Out My Result

If you wish to check out my results, you can access my website in my Profile page and go to my blog post entitled: How To Create A Money Making Website From Scratch.

By all means help me test this out by filling in the capture form. Make sure you let me know here that you have done that so I can delete your info from my list in Aweber.

Closing Thoughts

If anyone here wants to learn a skill taught by Jay or any of the other trainers, consider using my approach to using the recorded webinars to help you figure the steps out.

I would appreciate any comments on the process I used and my results.



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Cali Premium
anyway wanted to let you know that, and ya, I love that I can rewatch Jays lessons here. I watch the first time, then I take notes, and then, like with anything new I am trying to learn I create a manual so to speak for myself to read the next time around.

I did that the other night working with ProPresenter and the video switcher for my church, Every Sunday after all the labor of building the truss, hanging the bumpers and video wall, hooking up all the wires, power and such, have a major issue trying to get Pro Presentor to do its. thing. Well, I figures that one out, took notes on what I did to make that happen. Then shut everything off and restarted both puters, the hardware, software and repeated that 6 more times until it is now more or less a procedure now that I can tell someone else how to do.

What works best for me, and I am a lot like you on that learning curve thing is that I must learn it like I am going to teach it.So creating that manual helps me tons with winning that pesky learning curve.

Thanks for the blog!

EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Scott,

You hit the nail on the head when you stated, one needs to be able to teach a subject so that others can understand it to prove to oneself that you know the subject too.

Thanks for your feedback.

Cali Premium
Great way to learn, teach it!
richardgb Premium
Hi Edwin
Thanks for highlighting Jay’s videos on this subject.

I prefer to read and create checklists and then (like everyone else I guess), I learn from doing.

I’m investigating software for video to text so that I can quickly eliminate the fluff and cut to the chase!

EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Richard,

Thanks for your comments. I love the cut to the chase approach ha.


Dhind1 Premium
I agree the recorded webinars are very helpful. I watch Jay most weeks when he does the live broadcast, and I take notes. But when I want to use the information I go back to the recording.

EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Alex,
I feel the same way. Thanks for sharing your approach.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
Great information Edwin. But I just can't crack the traffic to be able to email anyone!
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Geoffrey,

I am learning about the three main ways to get traffic.
*Helping people on other forums with the view they will visit your site.
I am just starting to explore the last one.

Thanks for commenting.

Newme202 Premium
Edwin, that is the stage that I am now at
As long as there are video recordings , I will also get there as you did
What awesome steps!
Thank you for sharing
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Simone,

Thanks for commenting. We are all in this together. That is what keeps me going. All the best to you.

Newme202 Premium
You're welcome