Ambassador Heidi and Ambassador Janie I Salute You Both!

Last Update: November 07, 2019

Friends, I just couldn't pass up this unique opportunity to celebrate the rise of two good friends at Wealthy Affiliate who rose to the ranks of Ambassador joining me within days!

I find this heartwarming because Heidi and Janie have been helping me out recently. Hence, I am overjoyed to see them in the Top 25!

One thing we all have in common is we enjoy helping others. Perhaps in different ways. But we do enjoy doing that. Paying it forward as Heidi so aptly said.

How about the three of us being a winning combination?

Let's look at the time line. Heidi joined in August 2019. Janie in May 2019. And I joined at the end of December 2018. Although I got in first, I was the slow coach would you believe!

More credit must go to Heidi and Janie for accomplishing this rise in such a short period.


There is a reason I m using the tripod as an Analogy. I humbly feel that the three of us can jointly raise the sights like a camera at the pinnacle of the tripod.

There is strength in numbers. The Top 25 are there because we meet the ideals set forth by Kyle and Carson that there are real advantages in paying it forward.

Not only to members who are already here. But to members who have yet to make their journey to Weathy Affiliate.

Websites of HeidiAnders3 and JanieTH

When I visited the websites of Heidi and Janie, I was blown away at how good they are! So professional and helpful in more ways than one.

Janie is a musician too and she gives great tips to flutists.

Heidi is a stay at home mom and provides amazingly helpful advice to who else? Stay at home moms!

I can learn a lot from them.

Congratulations to both of you for raising the bar and setting a high standard in serving others. Not only on Wealthy Affiliate but also through your online presence.

We are proof that building an affiliate marketing business as well as helping others in this platform is possible.


Why Don't You Aspire To Become An Ambassador?

It takes effort but it is achievable. You will be helping others if you see your rank improving no matter what it is. Remember one thing. If your time is limited, it’s OK to focus on your business first. There are so many who have been great Ambassadors, but decided to focus more on their businesses. By moving out they provided opportunities for new members to move up the ranks into the Top 25. Hence, there are many helpful members who are not Ambassadors. However, if you can, aim for it.

This is a quote from my recent Ambassador announcement post:

"I thought why not keep helping others; welcoming new members; engaging in discussions; answering questions; and writing helpful blog posts."

Just a little every day. That's all it takes.

We all know it is going to take continued effort to stay in the top 25. I think I can speak for the three of us when I say this.

Let's Do It!

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timstime20 Premium
Awesome all three of you have helped me and I so appreciate that you have
Tri-pod is a good picture of stability ... I like that
EdwinBernard Premium
Thanks Tim!
davehayes Premium
Well done for sharing the good news
EdwinBernard Premium
Thanks Dave!
CordeliaN Premium
Why am I not surprised the three of you are WA ambassadors, three of my favourite people in the community, three with whom I have lots of dialogue, three of whom regularly post blogs and get stuck in, and three of the loveliest people whom I have had the good fortune to come across.

Well done you you Edwin for writing the post,

What a wonderfully positive intervention having the three of you in “top dog” slots ❤️👍
EdwinBernard Premium
Thank you so much Cordelia!
TMalinga1 Premium
Nice information
EdwinBernard Premium
Thank you.
DarrenNicola Premium
Hello Edwin and well said.
It is an honor to have the three of you here in the top 25.
Just like you three, we have always been about encouraging and uplifting others.
It is not all about the financial side but rather encouraging others that they too can be successful in what they do.
Serving others has and will always be one of the best things we can do.
Helping people solve problems is how we can make a difference in the world.
All the best
Darren & Nicola :)
EdwinBernard Premium
Thank you so much Darren & Nicola!