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How can I export the wp database from the wa server?

How can I export the wp database from the wa server?

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I am trying to install my website on a localhost server. I need to export the WP database, stored on the WA platform, and transfer it to my pc. So I have no idea where

Hi, Chystopher got you covered.

Thanks Abie.

Hope you get it resolved sooner.

I hesitate to even mention this, but you can use the WP phpmyadmin plugin to access the database directly from your WordPress site and export directly from the database.

You have to uncheck the option to restrict access to the detected IP address which does increase the attack surface of your website. If you went this route you would want to deactivate and delete the plugin as soon as you were done using it.

@ChrystopherJ's suggestion is probably the better way to go.

Thanks for replying Thomas.
If I got ou right there is a PHPMyAdmin plugin for WordPress that export the database?
That's interesting.

I wouldn’t say it’s purpose built for exporting the database, but you can use it for that.

You can use the All in One WP Migration plugin, and then select the Database only, without the themes, plugins or media etc.

Thanks Chrystopher,
I will try it.

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How useful is the divi theme in wa?

How useful is the divi theme in wa?

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Hello everybody,
I have purchased the Divi theme for WordPress, before getting involved with the WA platform. I now wonder how useful it is, with all the templates available

You can use it. No issues.

I have been using DIvi for years. It works wonderfully with WA hosting.

Yes, Divi should work with Wealthy Affiliate hosting.

Managed Wordpress Hosting like SiteRubix is typically 2.5x faster than shared hosting.

However, something to keep in mind is Page Builders have l lot of excess code and are clunky. So they can make your site speed slow.

Divi has the worst reputation for this, and some have reported it to be buggy.

You'll just have to be the judge of if the features available in Divi are worth the cost.

Hi Nathan,
Thanks for your reply. I am sorry for my late response, I just noticed it. I read your profile and read some of your posts.
Nice that you share your results, very helpful.
I clicked the follow button and am looking forward to be learning from you, as you seem to be an interesting ressource of experience and information.
I just started a new learning episode in my life: marketing, programming and finance courses on Udemy. With WA and father of 4 it all makes me a very busy person.
I'll be reading your posts.

I use Divi and like the features and design flexibility

Thanks for your reply, Adam.
I like Divi too. I don't know any other themes and I wonder what the community thinks of Divi.
Good luck.

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