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Last Update: July 15, 2013

Well my little inner self is once again feeling Blog deprived. I read the Top 10 quite regularly and it amazes me how people can have hundreds of blogs and well after two years. I still working on my first 20! I laugh I think it's kind of funny.

Well I am one of those people that likes to define my strengths and weaknesses. Well writing needless to say is a skill I constantly seem to be improving, which is all good because at least I am improving!

I like to write blogs regarding my advancement in my journey here with internet chaos. It still on occasion overwhelms me with the options we are given with what and why we are here creating our online presence.

My latest adventure is a virtual assist working online. I have many years of office work and decided to try and utilize my skills. Much to my amazement I tested on Google Adword and Internet skills and found out I am testing quite well. That's because of the many tutorials and webinars that are here at Wealthy Affiliate. I have created yet another set of skills. I also noticed participating within this community truly keep me updated with the forever changing internet world. Many of the terms and software utilized are mentioned outside of this community.

I guess this is just another reminder that anything worthwhile takes time and the sheer enjoyment and know how it creates is very worthwhile in it's self.

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ECAffiliates Premium
Thanks for the reply and best wishes to you as well.
wtbee2013 Premium
I too keep working on my writing it will be interesting to see where I will be in two years.

Thanks for the update ; O)

Best wishes to you and God bless