Multi Vendor Showcasing

Last Update: May 02, 2013

Multi Vendor Showcasing

Well I sat at the Lodge from 10 - 4 pm on Sunday. The show was called “Mommylicious” and had 50 vendors, a bouncy house and Elmo. I had a table with a white tablecloth, two pillars of information, brochures and of course my business cards.

What Am I Talking About?

I have succeeded in my first Trade Show promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I was pretty good at keeping the expense down. Many people spend great dollars on advertising and promotional goods. I had made my business cards and brochures on Google Docs. I had also prepared to pillars from tomato planters with detailed information about Wealthy Affiliate. I had place each planter on a Lazy Susan to access the information better. My promotional or gift was “The Mad Marketing Method”.

Mix Emotions “You Bet!”

First detail I had to deal with was my planters. You see I’m not a very crafty or creative person. I had actually worked on these pillars for months. First I started with poster board paper and was trying desperately not to look like a middle school project. So I scrap the paper and decided to try and cover the planters with plastic tablecloths, ok so this worked a little bit better.

My next flaw was I did not rehearse enough - so I caught myself looking for the information while trying to snag the attention of my customer. Being shy and working around that became an afternoon challenge.

Was It Worth It - “Absolutely”

I found I was networking more with the vendors then the customers. Actually this was my first motivational thought. A lot of the vendors have product but not a internet presence. This came out to be true for about 50%. A lot of the cosmetic and large brands have sites where you enter your sales persons ID and then they make their commissions. Doing this show gave me further ideas of bettering my presentation. I have made great contacts that are very involved in doing trade shows that I can get information from for future shows.

Changes Already Forming

I would like to purchase a table cloth of light blue to place on top of the stark white one. I paid $125 for my table however, I have since found out there are many shows that cost around $25 to $35 in the smaller communities. I would definitely pick a different time to do this. I did find out that Christmas is not a great time to try and register. Many of the shows are very cl-icky and that past vendors are a preferred choice and it’s very difficult to register.

My written material I would laminate and pick a solid color for coverings over the tomato planters. I am really in need of finding something more straight as well, for the planters were a little cheap and the metal bent easily.
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SeasonGirl Premium
I absolutely adored this blog post because it only makes sense to practice the little shows before you get to the big ones. I'm very grateful for the details as well.I sell BBQ platters and had not thought to go ahead and promote WA while doing that.Good job!
Shawn Martin Premium
This sounds like a very fun way to work! I too have worked the trade and craft shows, and also many fairs. If you do not mind, what kind of response are you getting? You can PM that if you want. :)
jerrymc Premium
I have had and worked many craft and trade show booths through the years. This is a very interesting concept, one which I would like to discuss with you in more detail. Let me know if I can PM you with contact info.:-) Thanks for the post Jerry Mc
ECAffiliates Premium
Of course you can pm through profile here at WA. Maybe try a hang out on Google. I don't know how to use yet. Learn something new lol. I live in Alberta I am usually online mornings and evenings. Won't be available this weekend but should set something up.