Always A Silver Lining Behind Every Dark Cloud.

Last Update: May 4, 2020

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Hey everyone... hope all is fine and well in terms of taking all necessary precaution in keeping this Dangerous VIRUS. At bay from killing more.

Many of us may not realize, but we're seeing something in our lifetime that many of us will only see just once and some may not even live or survive this epidemic we all are affected by in some form or the other.

We all did not prepare for this, none of us could of possibly see such a disaster coming that will take this earth we're living on by storm, in such a cruel manner, taking lives regardless to face or race.

Some has lost or will lose jobs, homes, friends, family, relatives, businesses etc.

As a result this thing has a lot of repercussions and after effects that will continue to kill us, like stress and depression that can lead to other illnesses that will definitely kill some of us.

This will go on for many more years, before we can really get back to a normal living life, mine you it will be the new normal.

My whole thing is that, we all need each other support, encouragement, motivation, inspiration in every possible way. This is and will affect the poor and the rich, no one can escape this, where I live (GUYANA) only had nine death, but everything else is at a stand still, that's in many parts of the world today.

Just help in every way you can, walk the extra mile for someone and in supporting each other, working together, fighting COVID together, we all will get over this together.

Remember there is a Real "God" that can help in all of this confusion, when men are lost, only by God some can be found, Praying is paramount for much guidance in our daily lives in this perilous times.

Behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining, be strong, help and give back, it may just be something that help someone live for another day.

I do wish you guys the very best, continue to be safe, we can do this if we follow the right guidelines.


Recent Comments


Amen to that. A great message for us hear.Thanks Jen

Welcome Jen.

A very lovely and thoughtful message, Earl.
Thank you. And, you take care and stay safe, too.


I certainly will Valerie, Thanks

There is always a silver lining. Stay safe and keep the faith.

I have already seen the silver lining AND I know that someone else is in control. I may not understand it all, I must just have faith.


Bless Debbie, You right on point.

Yes there is "always" a silver lining.

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