What Is Our Expectation?

Last Update: September 19, 2016

1st: Thank you

Thank you to the 500+ amazing people in my network here at WA family!!!!

I appreciate you and look forward to networking, learning and creating success with you.

We got a great future ahead of us and we all should be looking forward to it!

2nd: What Is Our Expectation?

Our current life situation is a result of the thoughts that we have been thinking. All of that can and will change as we begin to change our thoughts and our feelings.

It is true that our expectation is an attractive force that draws things to us.

Desire connects us wit the things desired and expectation draws it into our life.

So, start expecting the things you want, and don't expect the things you DO NOT WANT.

Here is to our success!

Share with us what you expect now.

Reference book: The Secret by Rhonda B.


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Live the presence from the future.
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The rewards of well applied effort!
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Positive attitude is a great thing to have Ephigenie thanks!
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Great post, thanks,
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Thank you!
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I expect to make some money.