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Hello guys! Today is my 1 year anniversary with the WA family. I have learned and accomplished a lot. Oh I am still learning of course. When I first joined WA, I had high expectations and so far all have been met. I wanted to learn the ropes of running and operating a successful online business. I am in process of accomplishing just that - my websites are not at the level that I want them to be just yet, but I am confident that soon enough all will be in place. Well, that's it for now folks!
Just wanted to share this info with my family here....What does this even mean?It means that Google search indexing will be based on mobile devices. The reason for doing this is because tons phone search information is being searched on smart phones and tablets. As a result it is putting into practice an outline called “Accelerated Mobile Pages”.Accelerated Mobile Pages will make sure that it takes less time to load web pages when streaming on mobile devices.Also this means that the
September 19, 2016
1st: Thank youThank you to the 500+ amazing people in my network here at WA family!!!!I appreciate you and look forward to networking, learning and creating success with you.We got a great future ahead of us and we all should be looking forward to it! 2nd: What Is Our Expectation?Our current life situation is a result of the thoughts that we have been thinking. All of that can and will change as we begin to change our thoughts and our feelings. It is true that our expectation is an attractive f
An e-mail list is significant because it’s the most direct means to communicate and engage with your subscribers. If you intend to sell something, the list is frequently the primary money maker.Anyone who runs a business model that includes customers’ needs an e-mail list. These customers might need to be engaged or simply kept up to date on business information and changes. Whatever the reason, as long as you have more than one client, then you need an email list. Below are some of
Doing online or offline business has up-time and downtime. If you only rely on one income source then I would suggest you sit down and take some time to come up with ways you can diversify.Just like you, I am an online entrepreneur. If you are only involved in one online business opportunity, chances are that if something were to happen to that business, you will think that the world is coming to an end; especially if you were making great money and you have invested your time and money to grow
I consider myself a newbie in the affiliate marketing. Yes, I have watched tons of videos on YouTube, read lots of reviews on different opportunities, have spent money on programs that were not helpful at all, have been scammed, not once – but; well, let’s just say more than I want to admit. I did this for a very long time.Let me give you my definition of “being scammed”. I got involved in business(es) that did not last long. One moment they were hot like the world was c