Changing Image Size inside of WordPress

Last Update: January 16, 2018

For this article, I will assume that the image has already been added successfully into the WordPress Post or the WordPress Page. Note that this changes the size of the image - the width and/or the height. It does not change the image file size that is sent over the wire from the website using WordPress to the device that requested the information. If that is what you are looking for, see my "Adding images to WordPress Posts using SiteContent and WordPress" article at the following link:

The steps below are for changing the image file width or height inside of WordPress:

  1. Perform an Edit against the applicable Post or Page in your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Change the view to Visual
  3. Go down to where the image is
  4. Right click on the image
  5. Select the pencil icon from the list (This is the edit icon)
  6. Look at display settings
  7. Change the align value if required
  8. Against the size, select the arrow down and select custom
  9. Change the width to a smaller value or higher value - No need to change height - WordPress automatically decreases or increases this value when the width is changed
  10. Click Update on the bottom right hand corner
  11. Resized image shown in article.
  12. If not quite right, go back to step 4 above.
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Thanks, David.
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Thanks David, explained really well and simple way to change images already on your site.