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If you are using the Cookie Notice WordPress Plugin, version 1.3.1 has an option to display a Corona Banner on your website. This includes 5 recommendations by the World Health Organisation to help flatten the curve.Within the Settings area of this plugin are some options to allow you to configure it.I believe that many WordPress administrators, including me, have implemented this banner on their websites.It is easy to implement if you are using this Plugin. The way I did it was that I went to
This is just a heads up to alert you that canva had a security incident on May 24, 2019.They are advising users to change their passwords.When you log into your canva account, you may see a message alerting you to the incident and making the recommendation that you change your password.
A few months ago, I decided to give the GeneratePress theme a spin and opted to pay for the premium version as the licensing terms are generous in my opinion.I have been playing with it on my new MMO website and it is coming along nicely. I discovered three "buts" in the last few days:1. I was not using the right hand sidebar and decided I wanted to. It turned out that the default background was a "horrible orange" in my opinion. I went through the options in WordPress customiser to change. I t
I was very pleasantly surprised when I checked my emails earlier today to receive an email from Kyle telling me that I have officially made "Ambassador" status within the community at Wealthy Affiliate. This is great news. Of course, I like to thank all the people in WA who helped me on my WA journey so far and thank all the people in WA who will help me in the future. This is a great community, where people help each other on their WA journeys. Happy Days.Here is to a great 2018.Cheers, Davi
For this article, I will assume that the image has already been added successfully into the WordPress Post or the WordPress Page. Note that this changes the size of the image - the width and/or the height. It does not change the image file size that is sent over the wire from the website using WordPress to the device that requested the information. If that is what you are looking for, see my "Adding images to WordPress Posts using SiteContent and WordPress" article at the following link:https:/
When adding images to WordPress Posts, it is possible to make the size of the images smaller, both in the width and the height as well as the image file size.Note: If you do not want to decrease the size of the image file, you might want to look at my "Changing Image Size inside of WordPress" article instead. This is at the following link: rest of this article outlines how to make the size of the images smaller, both in the width and the height, as well as th
The problem not including the current year in the copyright noticeNow that another new year is upon us, it is time to include that new year value in the copyright notice at the bottom of your websites. Website visitors expect to see the current year included in the copyright notice. If the current year is not mentioned, it just raises potential questions. Best to stop those potential questions from arising in the first place.The quickest solutionThe quickest way to do this is to hardcode the fo
There are two ways I know off to enable the WordPress Search option on WordPress sites that I know off: Option 1Go into your WP dashboard, select appearance from the menu on the left hand side, then look for the search widget on the left hand side, you may have to page down until you see it. Then click on it, and add the widget to one of the options on the list. Make sure you actually click on the add button, otherwise the search widget will not be added.Option 2Another way, and this is WordPre
December 16, 2017
One of the many questions I was asked earlier was basically how to make an image smaller. In this context, this question was related to making the image smaller, ie in making say a width of 500 px become say a width of 100 px.A complex way needed to be made simpleI had in mind a complex way of doing this that was going to be a long technical guide.Before commencing, I decided to do some additional work to see if there is a smarter more effective way of doing it. And I am thrilled and delighted
Using Windows Mail on a more modern operating system does not allow me to use the POP protocol, or if it does, I couldn't find out how quickly using google. The option is to use IMAP. So of course, the old settings that I used on the old operating system could only be used as a guide.I got it to work. I recommend strongly that you use copy and paste when copying the password information across. These settings work for me, for my website hosted at Wealthy Affiliate. Use them as a guide if you ar