This Simple Downsizing Website Makes $25,000 Per Month

Last Update: February 12, 2021

Hey everybody!

Haven't posted in a while and wanted to show you a simple affiliate site that I found that makes serious money. $25,000 PER MONTH.

The website is if you want to check it out.

What's unique is the website is monetized through affiliate links AND ad revenue.

The ad revenue makes up more than half the income and the traffic comes from Google and Pinterest.

This is a good example of a website that anyone here at Wealthy Affiliate can make.

The topic is easy enough for anyone to grasp and while the content is very good.. it can be replicated.

It just takes TIME.

This website is 7 years old and the creator grew it year by year. They just post content 5 times a week and never stopped.

They also learned over time which content ranks and which keywords to focus on.

It started as a downsizing and minimalism website and now they focus a lot on RVing.

Here's an example of keywords they target (with Jaaxy traffic and QSR) and their content with the keywords.

1) Cats and rv - 104 traffic, 30 qsr

2) Dogs and rv - 120 traffic, 70 qsr

3) Rv on social security - 40 traffic, 24 qsr

Writing these simple articles for years has paid off tremendously. Keep in mind a website that makes $25,000 per month can be sold for close to $1 million.

I like this site a lot because most posts don't even have affiliate links.

It just proves you can make money online with a website in so many different ways and you don't have to do anything spectacular.

You just need to figure out the right keywords and never give up!

Hope you found this useful!

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SondraM Premium
That is a great website! . It was simple but apparently very effective because he was adding great content. I found the traveling with dogs in RV article very interesting. I don't recall seeing one affiliate link on that article but there was advertising but it wasn't too obnoxious.

Thanks for sharing it with us. It made a great case study.
JEaston Premium Plus
Hello Dylan,
How can the website earn revenue on this if you didn't use an affiliate link? Because of Google AdSense? Right keywords, great articles, significant traffic to the site, and a website that makes $25,000 per month, and that's it? Of course, making 5 articles per week and 7 years old. I wonder how! But WOW! It's admirable.

Thank you so much for this post.
All the best,

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Joyce, 5 articles a week for 7 years = 1,750!

That is some amazing content right there.
The ad income alone will be huge and supplemented by a few affiliate links.

Remember also that RVs and accessories are not cheap. 😉

dylanrieger Premium
It uses affiliate links but it's mostly monetized through ads!
JEaston Premium Plus
Thank you so much, Cassi!
Really amazing! Long to go, Cassi!
I Inspired.

Thank you so much,
JEaston Premium Plus
That is really great!
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Dylan,

I hope you're doing well and business is good.

Thank you for your interesting blog post, it just shows how using the principles taught in Wealthy Affiliate and taking action really do work. I know for a fact that posting regularly, it really does make a difference.

I wonder if the website owners realised that they would be making $25,000 every month when they wrote the first blog post? Probably not! Well done to them for taking action and being consistent.

Have a great weekend.

dylanrieger Premium
Not 100% sure.. the guy is probably considered an expert in blogging. His name is Morten Storgaard
Roybretton Premium Plus
Thanks for the info Dylan, it's amazing what people can achieve. Good for Morten for making it happen, it's always good to hear a success story!

Have a great day.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
There are many take-aways from this website, Dylan.

The ability to be consistent and keep working on your website by building out content.

It is a simple site - no fuss and no clutter - just A LOT of content over the years.

An excellent reminder to stay true to what we are taught at WA.

Thank you.
richardgb Premium
Thanks Dylan, for the intro to this interesting and successful site.
It's inspirational.