Indexing Problem Is Fixing Itself

Last Update: January 12, 2022

Hey, just wanted to give an update on the indexing issue.

Things are getting indexed now.

On my site about half the content that wasn't indexed indexed this week and on my new site basically everything is indexed.

Sometimes it can take a while I guess.

If you're facing this problem just keep cranking out high quality content and it'll resolve itself!

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etseil20 Premium Plus
Hi Dylan,

Thank you for sharing that update. It was only a matter of time before it got fixed.

I noticed that problem a few months back. But now, I’m getting some activity on my posts getting indexed.
So that’s good news on our end.

Thanks again- all the best :)


Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, glad this is all sorted out for you Dylan. Google has been a bit funny with their indexing lately but as with anything they do or change they make the worst thing you can usually do is have a knee jerk reaction and make a bunch of changes.

Your content is great, and they will continue to find it!
dylanrieger Premium
Thanks Kyle!
Noteboom Premium
Thanks for let us know! I still have this problem from Agust! Around 40% go through even so I have change how I it!
But! Sometimes, not few times, they said it is not indexid because reference post (at least look like that is the reason as it come under sitemap).
But that posts are not close! It is simular that you are writing about dish to eat on but they said it is not indexid because reference post abour cars!
Lebogang22 Premium
There was definitely something wrong. Coverage was dead for months on my site and only started picking up half way through December (see attached image).

I was actually gonna respond to your follow up post that you deleted shortly after.

Hopefully, the problem doesn't persist as long as it did going forward.
dylanrieger Premium
I think it was a Google problem as well. I was seeing a couple posts here and there and recently it all just started indexing.
muslimah Premium
Great news, congratulations.