0 to 2000 Traffic In 5 Months (There's A Sacrifice, Though)

Last Update: September 05, 2019

Just wanted to give an update on my Make Money At Home website. If you've been following me you know I switched to reviewing MLM's exclusively in April.

Previously (starting in Mid-December) I reviewed Clickbank and Warrior Plus products until April 1st and got ZERO traction. I was only getting 10 visitors a day they.

Since April 1st I've done 120 MLM reviews and traffic has EXPLODED to over 2,000 visitors a day.

So it took 5 months to go from basically zero traffic to over 2,000.

There are sacrifices to only reviewing MLM's, though and that shows up in your premium referrals.

At the moment I'm getting between 30 to 35 free referrals a day but I'm only getting a 3% upgrade rate.

If traffic were to remain the same, though, I would still be making thousands a month:

This is a tool inside Wealthy Affiliate where you can determine how much you can make depending on the number of free referrals per day you get, upgrade rate and how many months someone stays at Wealthy Affiliate on average.

So while my premium upgrade rate is low, I'm making up for it with the amount of traffic and referrals I'm getting. I'm on pace to get between 20 to 30 premium referrals this month and there's even a chance I get to Vegas.

Also, I signed up to Mediavine ad network to run ads on my site as well. I was talking to another Member who made $2,200 from this ad network with 105,000 sessions in a month. I'll be at around 70,000 this month.

This would equal out to over $1,000 per month in ads for me (Quick Note: You need 25,000 sessions in your last 30 days to sign up for Mediavine).

So if everything remains exactly the same (with my traffic and referral rate all staying the same + running ads) I can get over $4,000 per month with my site.

My goal is to get this website to over $5,000 a month in the next 6 months and I think I can get there.

When I first entered this niche I had my writer working on a separate site to hedge my bets because everyone told me how difficult the make money at home niche is and some people straight up told me it's not worth getting into at all.

I switched my writer over to this site now and we're both working on it. So in the next five months I should be able to do 200+ posts (where the last 5 months I got just over 100).

If you're struggling inside this niche I would definitely consider at least mixing in MLM reviews and seeing what kind of results you get.

There's literally thousands to review and new ones coming out every week.

A lot of the traffic is international as well and my best performing post gets me between 800 to 1000 clicks PER DAY from South Africa (most of my referrals are from there as well).

So just to sum everything up: MLM's get a lot of traffic and do convert to premium (it seems at a lower rate, though). You can make up for the low conversion rate by adding ads on your site because traffic is so high, though. I think there's definitely 5k+ a month potential here.

Below is a list of MLM's that people have put together that you may want to look at:




https://behindmlm.com (this place is good to find newly launched MLM's which do the best for me).

Hope this helps!

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TimMoto Premium
Super helpful...thank you Dylanrieger.
dylanrieger Premium
Rubberbandman Premium
Nice piece of work. Great info with real data. Thanks for sharing these valuable insights.
dylanrieger Premium
kevin928 Premium
Thanks again for this Dylan. I've been following your posts and am starting to mix in some mlm reviews. Site is not quite 4 months old and I've just completed my 50th post and trafffic is only 30 or 40 visits per day.

From October until the end of the year my aim is to reduce my niche site to a single post per week (as it is ticking over) and try and post at least 5 per week on the mmo site.

If I can get close to your numbers in the coming 5 months I'll be pretty happy.

Thanks again for keeping us up to date and sharing whats working.
dylanrieger Premium
30 to 40 a day is a better start than my first 4 months!
DukeDivDoug Premium
Thanks Dylan, great job and thx for sharing
dylanrieger Premium
No problem!