Article writing strategy

Last Update: November 18, 2014

Hello there,

I have been here for 47 days now. What I learnt about the article writing strategy here @ WA is summarised into the following points:

1. Select a popular topic

2. Select keywords which have good number of searches and low competition, related to the topic

3. Do the competition analysis for those particular keywords

4. Research about the topic (content and images) extensively on all the good resources

5. Make notes about the topic

6. Break-down your article into at least 5 headers

7. Fill in the five headers with information rich content (at least 3-5 images, do not attempt to stuff your posts/articles with graphics)

8. Optimise your content with the keywords you selected

9. Read the content and make sure it makes sense

10. Save a back-up copy on your computer.

11. Hit the publish button

Thanks Kyle, for teaching us all the awesome stuff here @ WA

If there is any step I am missing :), please do comment in the comment box below.

Wish you a success,


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olivingstone Premium
Great post, thanks for sharing. I sometimes get carried away that I forget the basics. Thanks again, I am going to keep this post to remind me when I am writing content.
Tonio54 Premium
Thanks for this post. It will help me improving my writing.
johncruz Premium
Good job man! You are doing way better than when I first started so keep up the good work!
DrRupesh Premium
Thanks for your continued support John!
johncruz Premium
NP Doc and I look forward to your success story!
DrRupesh Premium
Coming up soon. I have found out through my experience, the article writing is tough if you believe it is tough. If you think you just have to speak out to people globally to reach them and help them, then your mind works differently. I dont know if anyone have a different experience!
DrRupesh Premium
This is not my only website. I am working on three website ideas. I will be updating the content as rapidly as possible on regular basis. The regularity matter in the publishing of the content. If you are not regulat your ranking fluctuates. The fluctuation is not a good sign. Be consistent and you are up on the first page of google SERPs soon.
Learnt @ WA!
mwilly Premium
i missed the part about breaking down my articles into 5 headers. Thanks for the heads up. Back to the drawing board
danbarth87 Premium
Thanks for this post! Good stuff