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Becoming successful is a mystery to everyone in the world and it means different to everyone. Here are 5 things which most of us do not understand until we study "success":1. Being successful does not mean financial success.Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and Grow Rich" lists out 12 areas where a truly successful person should be successful. Financial success comes in the last. That makes sense. Because, if you are successful financially, but have 2 friends in your list of circle of influence,
Hello WA members,Its my second round on WA and I feel awesome returning back to this friendly space after three short years. Actually time just flies.Its been a long journey for me and a lot of things I have learnt being off from the online entrepreneur mode, than i was on it last time. What did I do in last three years? Well, I explored myself. You have to do it at some moment of your life right? so did I!During this exploration, I have been through a lot of stuff which is related to entrepren
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November 18, 2014
Hello there, I have been here for 47 days now. What I learnt about the article writing strategy here @ WA is summarised into the following points: 1. Select a popular topic 2. Select keywords which have good number of searches and low competition, related to the topic 3. Do the competition analysis for those particular keywords 4. Research about the topic (content and images) extensively on all the good resources 5. Make notes about the topic 6. Break-down your article into at least 5 headers 7
November 10, 2014
Hey there, I have been continuously writing about me and my steps towards a successful website over here, since I joined. Today, I would like to talk about success in general. I think the difference between success and failure is the persistence and stubbornness to achieve it at any cost. If there is no one to support your vision, don't worry at all. When you start with your vision and begin working towards it, you will find many people attracted towards it eventually. Have faith and take pos
November 03, 2014
I purchased two domains from, both @ $1.5. Get your domain name coupons here and then use them in your final checkout on go daddy Cheers Rupesh
Hello everyone, I am glad to tell you guys that I will be disclosing my daily progress and what have I accomplished for success in baby steps towards it, everyday here. So, starting from today. 1. I have created header image and uploaded to the website. 2. Changed the colors of menu and the font style. 3. Read the material on telling vs showing (As advised by Kyle yesterday). 4. Grabbed the idea of creating a report to add on the website as free download. Currently working on it. 5. Added the p
Today on my 21st day on WA, I am happy and delighted to tell you all that I have done a full launch of my new website. Here's the URL Please comment on the content and suggest improvements which shall be made to be success. Thanks and Regards, Rupesh
looking for some like minded person who is willing for prsonal development. we will have skype calls, morning and evening (first and last work of the day). we will read the book, one chapter per month and will finish the book by one year's time. we shall make it a daily routine. interested people may contact me here. thanks and regards, rupesh gupta
Getting clearer on format to success is the first step towards it. The live video classes here at WA are so vital for your successful strategies, do watch them all one by one and come up with your own strategy. Videos by Kyle are great and give you the basic ideas about internet, SEO and Website. The "Live Video Classes section on your left in the premium section are great if you would like to apply some advanced strategies to your plans right from the beginning. If you watch any video here, w
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Hello everyone, I am so happy and grateful now that… I joined WA and it was the most vital investment which I could do on my personal development. Making money online can be so daunting task, that (you will not believe) Its never ending thing, if you do not have a mentor. Here at WA, you have 100's of them. Training by Kyle itself is so awesome that actually by taking all the certification courses (by Kyle) you get the foundation of the knowledge you need to start up online, developing the we
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