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Google Alerts and Google news are both great tools to help keep you up to date.

Hey Y'all,

Some of you that have been here for a while already know these google tools but for our new friends I am going to share them. Both tools will provide you daily updates from your niche or anything else your care to keep up on.

Let's start with Google news. Unlike Google alerts which are sent directly to your email you have to open google news from your browser. If you have a Gmail account it is simple.

Google News

From your Gmail account click the menu icon at the top of your screen. Select mail and the information begins.

You can choose any country you care to view. It is a great way to see what is happening around the globe. When you click on personalize there are several choices and adjustments you can make.

In this panel you can choose the topics you want to follow. You can add them by specific topic or keyword or add entire directories. If you click on the advanced tab it will load a new set of directories for you to choose from. You can also define the frequency you receive reports on individual topics.

You can create your own custom directory here also.

Google Alerts

Choose your keywords or topics.

Google Alerts are much quicker to set up than Google News and the paper boy delivers.

You now have all the news you can use.

Once you reach the third step it is all downhill from there! The stairs simply represent your progress. What step are you on?

Until next time,

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Great post Tim, I feel like I've been running up and down those stairs all day. I think I need a nap:)

Sometimes it seems like that Richard. As long as we keep moving all will be well. Thanks fro your time

I have to take this slowly Tim thanks I will save it for later like dessert.

That is great Louise! Thanks for the visit.

I love the steps diagram!

Great to hear from you William. The steps about say it all. Thanks for your visit

I have signed up for google alerts I will also try google news. Thank you.

Thanks for stopping by Janice

Thank you great tool, it was not listed in my Google menu. Had to search for it. Cheers kev

Thanks for stopping by Kev

Thanks, Tim. Many need these. Which tool are you taking and writing on the images with? That's not Monosnap.

Thanks Chris it is paint


Great post, and now a bigger tool box.

I am sure you have a few sitting around . Probably full tho. Thanks Mike

Thanks, Tim - But Michael will not let me use tools...........he says I might hurt myself !

Have a good evening !

Not after that last incident with the hammer are correct!

I assume this means I will need adult supervision in the future?

Dang, And I was so proud that I could take the training wheels off my bike !

Who said you could use the bike? Give me their name!

Uh oh !

Hey, I thought you were the babysitter to this motley crew, Steve??

Look Teddy they only let him out for a day and see the mayhem he is causing?

Chris - Michael declared me incompetent to rule and took over, so he is now in charge.

I will run again next year.

May God help us all!! Lol


Where's Tim? I thought he was running the show here? Have we just hijacked his post?

Steve Cox is a fairly dangerous man!! He's a mastermind in the ways of espionage.

I left him a PM a while ago and ... Tumble weeds. He must be on the throne or something.

I'm sorry Teddy but he can barely balance on his balance ball...every time I talk to him he is always falling off of it...don't they teach you that in basic espionage training?

Lol. He's okay for a young pup.

LMAO and that is all I can say because my stomach hurts so much from laughing !

Who am I again? I am getting confused !

Good medicine.

Simply the best, Steve. That's who you are.

Agree completely and there is nowhere in the world I can go to find this type of friendship camaraderie and humor!

Likewise about you my friend !

You know how he is Steve. i will have a talk with him! Thanks for your time.

Sorry the magic buzzer went off twice in 10 minutes. I normally give it up for a while when that happens.

Come on now, let's get those morning exercises out of the,,, moan!!!

There you are. We were worried sick!!

Thanks Tim !

Thanks for the challenge Tim; I'm grappling with the tools; but I'll 'never say die''. Challenge can be good for the brain, I think.

The only way to fail is to give up Shiela. You got this!. Thanks for your time.

I am now calling you Tim the Toolman Tailor (not Tim the Toolman Taylor!) I need a tool bag just for your stuff!

It's the downhill part I am worried about especially when I am not at the top!

Shoot buddy it is all downhill if you have the desire. if you need a laugh check out the potty humor

Had a good laugh...I am sorry you are getting so serious lately! I will have to figure a way to make you laugh...if only I could remember my name!

Puddin or Taime?

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