Hats Off!


Hey Y'all

Hope everyone had a great day or are about to start a great day.

I spent the better part of the day at the Doc's office being poked and prodded. The incredible news is that I got to come home that normally doesn't happen, that is why I don't like to go.

That is not the reason for this post. I took my phone with this trip which isn't the norm. It is just to much of a hassle trying to keep track of while taking those stupid gowns on and off several times.

I have always wondered why the nurse and doctor leave while you don the gown? They are going to see you in all your glory in a bit any way. Just one of those things that make me go Hmm..

I digress back to the phone. I intended on doing some work while I was waiting on needles and the take a deep breath and hold it fun. After several failed attempts in process of trying to create a post I gave up.

I mean really, how many times can you expect a person to fail writing the first sentence before it is permissible for them to throw in the towel? After a boatload of typos and auto corrects which made absolutely no sense at all I was about to throw more than the towel.

Finally we get to the reason for this post. As I was cussing silently under my breath (there were civilized people present) It hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks that we have members in WA that do this day in and day out. Their desire and passion is so strong that they struggle with this in order to work toward their dreams.

We have members that struggle with other issues besides the lack of a computer. We all have things to overcome for the chance to succeed and turn or dreams into reality. My hat is off to you.

For all of you that get up everyday and give it everything you have to achieve your goals. for everyone that has the drive determination and guts to stick it out on this journey, you have already graduated. You passed the course by your actions. You all have done something most people wouldn't even try. Your diploma is below just waiting for your name to be placed on it.


I fight health issues. My defib kicks off on an average of 3 times a week. I think I am becoming a masochist I am starting to like it.

What are your struggles, your road blocks? It might help others to realize they are not alone and probably better off than most. Be grateful and happy for what you have. It could be worse.

I would be happy to add your name to the diploma and send it to you. You earned it!

May you avoid the potholes on your road to success!

Until next time,

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A great and inspiring post! The tribute is also for you Tim! The real power of this community is this, inspiring through our thoughts and experiences others to have even more motivation and determination to achieve our goals. I wish you the best in every way!

That is my wish for you as well Gabriella. We are lucky to be a part of this great community. Thanks for your time. I appreciate you reading my post.

Tim, Awesome Post! Keep doing what you do best, inspiring us all. Hats off to you!

Thanks so much Brenda. Great to hear from you. We all deserve that Diploma. I appreciate your time

Great job, Tim. 90% or greater of the sheer brilliance of this post will be overlooked. This was such a great post. However, I would almost bet that a picture of somebody's breakfast will get more likes and comments.

I thought of some of my own buddies here as I read your post. That thing might be broken, but I love your heart.

Thanks so much!!

Thanks for your kind thoughts Chris. There are many here that struggle. But yet persevere. You never know that might have been a good breakfast. Thanks for stopping by

I love your humor.

I am still learning from the master, teddybear

Yes there are quite a few of us Tim, but we fight the fight

Yes there are Pauline. Thanks so much for your time

Top man Tim! Keep 'em coming!

Thanks Terry. I will try. I appreciate your time.

Ditto what Michael said!! :)

For you Jude I will try my best. As far as Michael is concerned he was way to demanding. I don't know what to do with him. :)

Hi Tim thanks for the diploma. I have a bit of work to do. Thinking of you and saying a little prayer for you regards

Thanks so much for that Louise.You are welcome for the diploma you earned it. Thanks for the visit

Will you frame the certificate as well? How will you send it..I don't want the frame to be broken! Will there be gold leaf for the stamp? How long will it take to reach me? When do you organise the ceremony? Will there be a brass band? How many people will get invites? Will I be expected to make a speech? Can I invite my Mum? Will she be expected to pay here own air fare? Will the ceremony be held inside or outside? Which journalists and TV personalities can I expect? This is so exciting Tim I can hardly contain myself!

Will I get a hat like this? I like to throw it in the air!

That looks like a fun hat to throw in the air....I would demand one...lol!

That is a great image Loes it would have fit well at the top of this post

So many questions! You are so needy. I would like to address your queries one by one, individually if you will.
Sorry I guess that is a blanket answer.
With exception of your Mum. Fell free to retrace your steps of the last month or so and you can definitely open the message in front of her.

That is just like you Michael always wanting more! :)

It's the human condition Tim!

You are up and at'em mighty early. Short night?

7am matey! Strike while the iron's hot!

Thanks, that' s my daughter;)

That is wonderful Loes and a great photo...you will have to 'nick' her hat and come to the ceremony that Tim is organising for me.....LOL!

Go get'em buddy. I certainly expected a little more outrage to my response to your original comment. You must not have finished your coffee yet.

I can't be like that with you Tim....I'd have the responsibility of 'fixing' your heart monitor! I have enough to do! LOL!

And a beautiful one she is Loes. I know you are proud!

Most of the time I don't even know why I'm doing this.. just driven...

Yes you do my friend. You are hoping to help people with their struggles with that big heart you have. Thanks for your time and I have forgot I found the podcast and will leave a review/comment soon

Thank you! You are very sweet :)

Thanks for that, it's always good to remember that my troubles are not that huge in the scheme of things. I am pretty computer illiterate, and it has caused me hours of turmoil. But I have a computer and network connection, which many folks here in the interior of Alaska struggle with. And I am learning!
Thanks again,

Thanks for stopping by Irvie. There is always someone worse off than we are. About to get back to your link problem.

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