" Crash Course Weekend Over"

Last Update: Aug 9, 2016


Well the weekend is over and I did not meet my goal! I am sad I didn't meet goal but happy I did progress! I do hope to have my website finished soon! I am super excited about what I have chosen. I am keeping it a secret until it's published! I want to thank everyone here at WA for all the encouragement and well wishes for success! Everyone has truly inspired me to keep moving forward! Wishing all of you very much success! Never give upon dreams and may your success come in ship loads!

Love to all


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Eventually your website will pay dividends. You'll survive this crisis.

All the best with your way journey regards

Hi Barbara, we all have moments like that. Just work through it. Success will come.

Keep on pushing Barbara :)

Thanks, Barbara!
Finding one's niche is probably the one most important thing...

Hey Barbara,
I want to quote from Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary,
Progress - "The process of improving or developing something
over a period of time." Now I am not sure about YOU, but I would
venture to say that what you accomplished over the weekend was
exactly that. DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT! We are behind
you all the way to your destination, where ever that may be. And,
believe me, YOUR SUCCESS is just as IMPORTANT as any other
member of WA! I blogged the other day that I firmly BELIEVE that
YOU can ACHIEVE what YOUR mind can CONCEIVE!
NOW that my SERMON is over, don't forget to attend next

Thanks Ken! I did accomplish a good bit! Thanks for the sermon! LOL... Look forward to next one!

Thanks so much for the Like.

Hey Barbara,
Thanks for the comments. I was expecting that, so much I already

Hard to do, but it feels good after your done. awesome.

Hi Barbara,
I knew you could do it, I'm so happy for you. You may not have met your goals this week, but you made progress. That's the most important thing. I can't wait to see what you have chosen for your niche!! Keep up the good work. Have a great evening.

Hi Barbara, take one step at the time, and you will grow. I only do not think a website will ever be "finished"

Barbara - As we all have said...........the turtle wins the race. Slow and steady and you will always set your goals higher than you can reach..........which is why they are called "goal" !

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