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Last Update: July 24, 2018

Back in The Saddle

As I Mentioned before When I started in March 2017 this journey with WA and digital marketing, again from the start stop position in 2012 with an online mentor. (Not WA)

Was working on my WA Classes, and was made to stop again due to a "Real Job" that delayed my dreamed of path of a "Laptop" lifestyle in June 2017.

So Fast forward to May 2018 and here I am Again like a fighter who will not quite, and have been putting in "Long A##" hours behind my Training, Skills and Tools.

Nothing else at his point takes up my 100% of my attention except for THIS WORK.

Now am blessed enough to be able to do that, but it comes with a lot of "HEAD Games" and at times gets overwhelming to say the least.

But if you understand the laws of success, it's not that your making big plays that matter it's the little inch by inch wins that move you forward toward the goal lines.

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge but rather a lack of will" Vince Lombardi

Dream and Inspire

Just when you are just shy of banging your head against the wall after being behind a laptop for 5-8 (sometimes 10) I stop and go for a real good Gym workout, get some air - BREATH, and realize that this has only really been 2.5 months of focus and "ALL IN" effort towards my "Dreams" and WA has a great way of giving you those little "Inspirations" when you need it the most.

Made a Task list that helps structure my day when I am not researching or writing content. so to aid and support my dreams and inspirations

  • Read Read and Read some more (Books on online marketing, Online business, and overall Entrepreneurship altogether)
  • ID KW so to do research in Jaaxy for future post using Google instant and the alphabet soup techniques taught here in WA
  • Doing the classes in Both the OEC and the WA Bootcamps
  • Cleaning up my Post and always trying to improve my Website experience. Post writing is not happening as quick as I would like it but the process of Idea, Research to Post is coming together quicker tobesure. (Time +Doing + Repetition = Competency)
  • Reviewing the notes made from the classes nightly so to keep the education fresh in my minds eye.
  • And expanding on where I would like to see my website evolve in the future, through brainstorming with my gym buddies, and bouts of inspiration that come from the weirdest times of the day or nite.
  • Engage with the WA Community and find nuggets of tips and inspirations within our platform.

Do yourself a favor, and keep a journal "At hand" always so to capture those moments of inspiration, and creative thinking, this should be as accessable as your wallet or purse.

Also expand on your 'Vision Boards" so that you can "SEE" and 'FEEL" what it will be like to live your "Life of Design"

I even made sure that while I was in Thailand this past year I had taken pictures of me working on my laptop from the Villa I was renting next to the ocean, AS IF I was already supporting myself with my new lifestyle.

WHY Do that you may ask?

Because You need to created it TWICE.

  1. In the minds eye
  2. In the world outside

This has been a valuable lesson taught to me by my Martial arts and Bodybuilding mentors. So the more you do to SEE it and FEEL it the better, so to create it in the physical space.

So to get back to the reason for this post, when it was mentioned that WA Does a great job of ID your little wins so to keep you moving and motivated,

Just 75 days after My promise to myself to make this happen, and the "line" was drawn in the sand, I can Happily share with the WA Community that My website is up and active, as well as it being indexed in Google as quick as

  • July 18th Purchase and transferred my Siterubix site to that of
  • July 19th Google indexed the site.


Inch by inch you will win just do everything you can to nurture your Purpose / Passions and Actions so that the rest will follow..... also don't forget to BREATH!

Everything else has been laid out in front of you, Thanks WA!!!

"Learning never exhaust the mind" Leonardo DA Vinci

Would like to hear your comments and thoughts......

To all my friends at WA thanks for the moment.

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MKearns Premium
stepping stones to success!
dpanic63 Premium
You know it Mike
Success leaves clues, just pick it up and apply.
Thanks for the support
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
Thanks for your great post Dino. I enjoyed reading your task list. It's similar to mine but much improved because you have written it down. My list is in my head which is not best way to function. It's just that I write so many things and seldom get back to deal with them.

Vision Boards are something I learned about when doing MLM back in 2005 to 2008. I didn't do well with those, either.

Courage certainly comes into the equation. Courage, determination and organization are 3 major items, or elements, so necessary to reaching our goals.

Congratulations to you on achieving recent Google indexing.
dpanic63 Premium
Thank you Valerie

This post was literally put together in 30min. (the fastest post ever) LOL
All from the inspiration train....LOL

Vision Boards are still very much used, but they truly have to work for the end user, if it doesn't then try try something else.

Am glad you were able to get some nuggets for we are all in the same ocean just at different places.

Thank you for the kind words and support

Be well

EandS2018 Premium
This has been very encouraging, You are right .Inch by inch .
Elaine $ Scarlett
dpanic63 Premium
Thank you Elaine and Scarlett for the kind words and support.
Be well