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Last Update: Dec 9, 2018

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The Small Wins Along The Way

First off we all we know it's "Not the destination but the Journey"

But with the journey are you enjoying the process?

I Think sometimes people forget that we are still living lives DURING the process, for we get so focused on what you have set for yourself as goals, mission statements, visions etc, that we just wave off the small wins along the way.

Chasing down your goals- blinders on- focus crystal clear is an absolutely vital tool and necessary if you want to create yourselves by design, but is forgetting to stop and take measure of your Life as a whole really a disservice.??

Einstein said "Do not stop questioning- curiosity has its own reason for existing"

Sometimes when you slow down a little to breathe the air and engage in things that are not in your line of sites, ask questions, being curious, what might surprise you are the inspirations you get, also more often than not it will only serve to benefit your end result.

"Men of lofty genius when they are doing the least work are most active" Leonardo DA Vinci

What do I mean by this?

Being in the content game EVERYTHING now becomes a potential idea or article for your work so how do you get ideas or inspirations, simply by being passionately curious asking questions and looping it around back to your work.

There are WINS everywhere just need to look with a different set of eyes

Now am not saying to get pulled away by every shiny ball that flashes in your direction, what I am referencing to is your "altitude of your attitude" in finding pleasure in the small stuff and just knowing you are moving toward the direction of your desire every day and be really filled up by that. (WIN)

This process of being online professionals is a learning curb that will not level out soon so be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Grab an ice cream in the sun along the way don't just walk by because you need to end up somewhere.

You might find that by grabbing that ice cream it might spark some creative ideas and in doing so inspire fresh content for your business. (WIN)

You Speed Up By Slowing Down,

It's truly a balancing act you need to focus enough to get the momentum and growth but to slow down enough so to appreciate where you are and where you came from. Take measure of where you are now exactly so that you can be more efficient and effective going forward.

Overwhelm can really stump your ability to improve and grow, also in the worst case scenario sometimes cause us to quit this whole process altogether

Only through slowing down and taking stock of your small wins can you appreciate the distance you have covered, this in turn inspires you to grow yet again.

Always look for a "WIN"......

Ensure you make a "WIN List Daily" so to start and end your day...

  • Make your bed
  • Read 1 chapter in a book that inspires you
  • Workout
  • Brainstorm ideas for content
  • Watch a webinar
  • Clean out a drawer

Ask Questions/ Be Curious

"Do all you can with what you have from where you stand"

Avoid Burnout

Smile when you acknowledge a WIN

Keep enjoying the Process.

And Thanks for the moment

Would love to hear about your Little Wins along the way.

BTW made a premium sale and top 200 one day apart......LOL

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Hi Dino,
You managed to pack in a bunch of wisdom gems in a very fluid and readable way.

Thank you for sharing, and reminding us to enjoy the voyage.

Congrats on the Top 200, and on the sale.
Encouraging wins along your journey.

Edit: Congrats on the Top 100!!!
Another encouraging win along your journey.

Hellos Mitch

Thanks for the inspiring comments and visit, very much appreciated....

Glad you enjoyed my "Blog off the Cuff" LOL

Also Congrats to you also for the "Top 100"

I have a feeling that 2019 will be a great year for us as a whole..

Keep making it happen, brother

Have a great safe Christmas season to you and yours



Makes perfect sense and I enjoy the message. Glad you are in the top 500.


Hello Stewart

Thanks for the visit and comments


will look forward to your success in 2019



Congrats Dino!
Takes alot of time and effort to reach Top 200.


Heya Mark

Ohya truethat

As long as we can add value and inspire other members its all worth it.

Thanks for the visit and comment

Enjoy your week


Hey Dino,
Congrats on your progress!!!
Always celebrate your success along the way!!!

Tried and True


Hellos Elaine

Thanks so much for the visit and the comments


Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Be well


That’s exciting! Congratulations!

Hellos Cora

And thanks so much for the visit and comment.


Be well and enjoy the rest of your weekend



The little wins are important because they can indicate to us that we are moving forward. If we keep adding little wins every day, eventually we will reach a big win, and what a treat that is!

Hellos Fran

Yes absolutely right.

Thanks so much for the comment and the visit

Here's to our BIG wins and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Congratulations - that is great so happy for you :)
And yes I think we should celebrate our small wins
they all add up to the bigger picture of big wins
when the time is right!
Thank you for sharing,

Hellos Susie

Thanks so much for the comment and the visit.
Am glad you enjoyed the short "blog off the cuff"

Be well and enjoy the rest of your weekend.



Very happy about your 'wins'! Great job.
Rock your week!
C & P

Hellos again LOL

Thanks so much for the visit and comments...appreciated

You also keep enjoying that wonderful sunset and keep making it happen

Be well


Congratulations! Well done!

LOVED reading your post - I never tire of reading such words of wisdom!

Truly inspiring! :-)

Thanks so much for the inspiring comments and appreciate you visiting

Am so glad you found value....

Keep making it happen and enjoy the rest of your weekend



Thanks for the great post! I enjoyed it!

Glad you enjoy it

Thanks for the visit and comment

have a great rest of your weekend


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