Three years @ WA. Wow!

Last Update: September 08, 2021

I seriously need the light to turn to green.

Thing is, I'm the one keeping it on red 🤔.

There s a great line in the movie "eat pray love"

"in order for one to win the lottery, first we must buy a ticket"

It's so true. I've been here as a fully paid up premium member for 3 years now and I'm still procrastinating. I've never given up hope and that is the reason I've never cancelled my membership. Now some, or all may say that's nuts!!! And you'd be right. Buts it's the thread of hope that today will be the day I really start and make use of this ticket. I look back three years and kick myself thinking where would I be today if I'd only have put the work in on my sites?

Fo sure I've been caught up with the pandemic like everyone else, and yes, I've faced huge challenges. But the whole world has hit the online purchasing button, me included, and I feel an idiot for not taking action. I am confident and positive that if I had put the work in three years ago and maintained the flow I wouldn't be writing this particular article today. I feel I have let myself down. Only me.

So today I am sitting in the middle of a forest in Scotland doing the same things as I've done for the past three years and more. I am thankful and very grateful that I have the ability and skill to work very hard as a forestry contractor in such a beautiful part of the world. But I'm working way too hard with my hands and not anywhere as hard with my head.

Am writing this post as a huge kick up my backside to affirm why I am here. And what I want to do and get out of life.

Today is really the start of the next chapter of change. No excuses. Not looking for pitty or anything like that.

This is for me.!!

I you have been here a while and have been like me. Stuck with your own self. On the red light of life. Let's make a commitment to ourselves to get that light to green and make a difference to our own life.

I you see yourself in this post like it, leave me a comment and kick start your next chapter today.


Dougie ✌️

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JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
Dougie, I agree with what you have to say. The only person that can turn on the green light is you. You have done the training, been supportive of others as well. It is now your turn to make it green and let others help you when you need it. Best of luck to you.
Dougie-Smith Premium
Thanks Jerry
It's so true isn't it.
Its rewarding to help others but not at the detriment to one's self.
Thank you for taking the time to read and reply.
To great success.
Teasmade Premium
Great pep talk …the best of luck and I look forward to hearing about your progress.
Iris93 Premium
You made a great realization and I hope 3 years from now you will think: "wow thank God I finally put in the effort". Hard work will pay off but I understand it's hard to keep putting in the effort when the return is next to nothing. I started 2 months ago and have generated an income of $50 per month now. Sounds like nothing but it's a great start and I truly believe I will keep going and the effort I invest WILL pay off eventually. I once wrote in one of my posts on my new website this line;

“Without this unconditional belief in yourself and dedication, you won’t make it through the training. In other words; starting it without that foundation is like starting an ice-cream shop without a freezer. You can want it all you want but your ice-cream is destined to melt and your business was destined to fail from the beginning”.

And I think it's exactly what happened with you. Start believing in your own Ability to make it a success and success will be inevitable!

All the luck to you my friend, I hope to see more of your website the feedback page here soon!

X- Iris G.
Dougie-Smith Premium
Thank you for taking the time to read my post and reply.
That's exactly what it is.
I really do appreciate the feedback.
All the very best to you
I hope you make a great success.
Iris93 Premium
Thank you so much Doug, I wish you all the best and all the succes in the world too!! We got this🤗
richardgb Premium
Hi Dougie
I admire your honesty and ability to wear your heart on your sleeve. That in itself shows that you are very capable of writing emotive blog posts!

That’s a great skill; it’d be a shame to not share it.

What exactly do you want to achieve in your future? Get excited by that and you’ll pick up momentum.

Need help? Just ask!
Dougie-Smith Premium
Thank you Richard.
I really do appreciate your words and offer of help. I will take you up on that for sure.
To great success.
feigner Premium
Hey Dougie ,
i hope this is the kick you need to start taking action...
too long you have paid for is the time for action....
start with small steps...i know when you get home the last thing you want to do is to start learning....
but after your meal stick the headphones on and watch one of the training videos.....
and think about what you want to create your site about....
let your mind wander ....don't think of the money....but think about what you would like ot do....
good luck Dougie
Dougie-Smith Premium
Thank you Phil.
Very good words.
I really do appreciate you taking the time to read and reply. Means a great deal.
All the very best.