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October 29, 2021
Have you ever been just stuck? I mean like, argggggggh, what am I doing wrong? Bordering insanity because you are doing the same thing over and over again and expecting that this time when I refresh all will be good. Only to find that it's not and you're right back to where you started, only this time a little bit more dull and perplexed inside your head than you were five minutes ago. Well just stop!! Take five!! Big breath in, hold, big breath out!! And..........turn to your community for hel
September 08, 2021
I seriously need the light to turn to green. Thing is, I'm the one keeping it on red 🤔. There s a great line in the movie "eat pray love""in order for one to win the lottery, first we must buy a ticket" It's so true. I've been here as a fully paid up premium member for 3 years now and I'm still procrastinating. I've never given up hope and that is the reason I've never cancelled my membership. Now some, or all may say that's nuts!!! And you'd be right. Buts it's the thread of hope that
February 17, 2019
Hey Guys and Gals,I've just received my 6 month badge as a premium member here at W/A and I must say it came as a bit of a shock.Happy on one hand, but a little down(not a lot) on the other.You see, I joined W/A last August and Knew this was for me. I had been looking for a very long time for something like this to find me and help me start an online business. I got really excited and got started right away on the training but got stumped on choosing my niche, as I'm sure a good deal of newbies
Hey guys, My first post.I've been a premium member here at W/A for 3 weeks now and I've been slowly finding my way around the site and I must admit, I've been so overwhelmed by all the content, community, teachings and the ultimate real belief that I know I have stumbled across something so important to me in my search for creating an opportunity for having my very own online business. I have developed a small network of 74, but these 74 special people together have helped me immensely in actu