Surpassed the $1000 a month mark. Epic!

Last Update: Nov 19, 2015


Basically I surpassed the $1000/m point in September and that number is only rising. :)

I would have posted this sooner, but I've been taking a short break from WA (don't confuse that with taking a break on my businesses).

September 2015 profits - $1023.38

October 2015 profits - $1371.78

Here is a chart of my growth from September 2014 to October 2015:

As you can see, the growth is very exponential. I'm going to be very, very close to my initial goal set at Wealthy Affiliate for $4000 in no time!

On another positive note, one of my affiliate managers increased my commissions by 25%. That will make a big change!


I almost forgot to mention my outsourcing efforts. I'm working on scaling everything that has been working as well as building other blogs to be authorities. I have 4 writers that are creating content on a regular basis. Articles for me cost $10 per 1000 words which is pretty cheap for content. It took a while to find cheap-ish writers that didn't suck, but I think I have the dream team now!

It's pretty cool to think I started with only ~$100 of saved up birthday money in the bank and now I have all this cashflow. It took plenty of work, but it's starting to pay off (quite literally).

Thanks for reading,


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Dude awesome work! You will be making more then the average persons full time job in no time. I wanna see a November blog already. Good luck to ya the rest of the month.


Totally awesome!!! Congratulations!! Great job!!!

Thanks Murklll!



Congrats! Impressive! Which site do you make the most money

Your site looks awesome! Thank you for sharing! Way to go!!

No problem! Thanks for that!

Congratulations, what a great job!

Thanks Adreyna!

Awesome job bro! How long have you been using it before any profit came in? Jw..Thanks!

My first profit I made was sort of "cheating". I basically put articles on Reddit once and a while. The ones that got 20+ upvotes usually made sales. It was cool, but not sustainable.

My first organic sale took somewhere between 3 and 6 months; can't remember. You have to remember that I messed up a lot in the beginning and didn't come to WA for a while. I've seen a case on Wealthy Affiliate where someone got to $600+ in 4 months. My niche is also not particularly a hot one. If I was to start another music production site, it would take ages to find what works.

That is very interesting Doug. You look at Google Analytics and these various success stories start out with very low, to hardly any organic traffic for months, and then boom, it starts.

Others WA members who have had significant growth in sales and traffic seem to share one common trait, ( besides a good niche ) they kept posting quality content.

Afterall , the only way to rank , for even the low competition keywords, is to have them in your content and create content around them.

Congrats one again for maintaining the posting frequency in the beginning and being so disciplined.

I agree. For the longest time I thought my niche would never be profitable. I believe any niche can be very profitable. It's all about building traffic and finding out what works with the traffic.

Anyone who gives up on their website reminds me of this image:

Great job with great goal very inspiring!

Thank you!

Nice going. That's one of those graphs all newbies should keep by their monitor as inspiration not to quit after a few months.

Is this income mainly from the Midi Lifestyle site? Not surprising if it is as that reads like an authority site and not just a regular Amazon review site.

I totally Agree. Build it well. Watch it grow and they will come.


Yep. Midi Lifestyle keeps performing better and better. I forget to mention in the post that I now have a team of writers that are putting out a lot of content on my other sites. I'm hoping that the other blogs will start to grow rapidly as well:)

Awesome, work smarter not harder!

Are you doing any link building for your sites or just focusing on adding well written content regularly?

Surprisingly no. I've done some guest posts here and there but I'm not sure how much they have helped. I'd recommend trying to get guest posts once and a while. It will help you get free traffic and a good link. I don't really trust any other sort of backlink strategy other than guest posting. Also, before you write a guest post, make sure the site is fairly authoritative. It's just not worth spending time to write on unknown sites.

NIce tip, Thanks

No problem:)

Doug, this is incredible !! The acceleration and upslope in your graph is mind blowing.

Your selection of keywords, and the niche you are in are combining for tremendous results.

I am very happy for you, and this should be inspiration for others as they plan their web sites, and also as evidence that "It works" !

All the best Doug.


Thanks for the kind words Vince!

No problem , you should be extremely proud what you accomplished in a relatively short time. If I did not mention it before with one of your previous updates, I love the web site theme and the visual appeal. Excellent all around.

Your consistency with creating content paid off in spades while you were awaiting the traffic tidal wave.


Such an exciting success story and one to inspire others a great deal.

Thanks for sharing Doug


No problem! Thanks for reading!

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