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Another great month! As long as you never stop learning, hustle hard, and build a good work ethic, anyone can build an online business around their passions.Very excited to see what will happen in December!The majority of my earnings come from affiliate marketing. (Amazon and a few others)I did make an additional $300 off eBook sales as well.If you're curious in seeing a detailed graph of my earning over time, here you go:, if you're having a difficult ti
I wrote an article detailing how to add your own custom share buttons without using any plugins.If you're getting views on your articles, but you're not getting many shares, something like this can help out a lot! little bit of copying and pasting code required, but it's still pretty easy.Thank you for reading,-Doug
13 comments forgot to post October's income report early in November. Better late than never!Income is climbing and I'm expecting an amazing November and December! (Based on the numbers right now, November will bring around $5,475.80).
June 08, 2016
Amazing month in May!I made: $3,438.55 from my blogs$3,018.61 in eBook salesRight now I have to focus on bringing long-term sales for the book. The $3000 I made from eBook sales was from launching it to a list of around 2500 email subscribers.
May 16, 2016
Launched an eBook in one of my niches today! It's doing pretty darn good. The day isn't even over yet and here is what I made today:I launched the eBook to a list of about 2500 subscribers.The book took months to write and a lot of hard work & frustration. But now it's all becoming worth it! **UPDATE**Here are my sales at the end of the day:
March was great!Over $3000:) It's fantastic to make an amount of money that I can actually live off of. Just wanted to create this post to update my progress. Pretty much all of my milestones are documented here on Wealthy Affiliate.
LOL!I just read my first blog post on Wealthy Affiliate. It was titled "So I either made a life changing decision or got scammed".Well I'm here to report 1 year and 3 months later that it was a life changing decision. I went from ~$100 in the bank to over $3000 every month. Keep an eye out for my next Wealthy Affiliate blog post at the end of March (or early April). I'm on course to making around $3500. We'll see what happens!-Doug
It's really cool to see all of my hard work pay off more and more.Last month I made nearly $3k in affiliate commissions! It was a very good month! I feel like my site would've made more money, but it is mainly profiting off digital product sales which are a little difficult for people to wrap up and put under the tree.Also, I'm about to receive $4012.51!I'm a part of a niche-related affiliate program that pays out every few months. I was expecting a payout of ~$2000, but I was "slightly" off! T
November was a really good month:)I ended up making $2158.67.Part of that of course was due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but my earnings were fairly consistent throughout the month. It'll be interesting to see what happens during the Christmas season.Just thought I'd leave an update.Thanks,-Doug
Basically I surpassed the $1000/m point in September and that number is only rising. :)I would have posted this sooner, but I've been taking a short break from WA (don't confuse that with taking a break on my businesses).September 2015 profits - $1023.38October 2015 profits - $1371.78Here is a chart of my growth from September 2014 to October 2015:As you can see, the growth is very exponential. I'm going to be very, very close to my initial goal set at Wealthy Affiliate for $4000 in no time!On