Last Update: Aug 11, 2013


Well, I now have quite a bit of content and my site is starting to "come together". Depending on the key words I type in, I am on the first page twice, the second page once on the fifth and sixth pages several times. I do not have any affiliate programs in place yet but will be looking to in the near future.

I owe all of this to hard work, persistence and Kyle, Carson and the rest of the WA family. You guys have been there when I asked for help and posted blogs and training to guide me on my journey. I could not have done any of this without WA and would like to publicly thank everyone involved with this community. THANK YOU! Please feel free to check out my site and give any criticism or feedback you may have Again thank you all and if there is anyway I can help you guys, please ask!

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Aaron, oops, me too. I typed the URL in - success. And so are you!!
Now my tab says 'simple ways to be the best version of yourself - mentally and physically'.

And your description is - Harness the power of your mind to create a better version of you. Seem to remember a book on the Laws of Attraction. I like your content better.

Then I could stay on your quote page and read and read. Wonder struck. Great.
Yes, your site has certainly come together very nicely. Thank you.

When I click on the link above it says This Website Not Available.???

Hi Aaron, your site is wonderful! Great content and I can sense your passion in your written word! I learned about the law of attraction several years ago, but never really put it into my daily life. Thanks for jogging my memory! Kudos, Laura

Great job on bringing everything together and getting your site ranking in Google! Thse are great rankings and I'm sure that you are ranking for keywords that you do not even know about. Keep publishing content and keeping your audience in mind at each step of the way. The best revenue generating website is one that is helpful, original, and that was built with the audience as the #1 priority, not the money :)

I look forward to your next blog Aaron!

Congrats on your site. WA is definitely the community to be at. There's so much information to learn and when you have a dedicated mindset, you can achieve anything. Congrats again.

You are very welcome. Business is a team endeavor and we are all here together. WA is not only great for the training, but the community as well (Although you already knew that lol). It is awesome to see your site, and what you have done!

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