Key to Success, Knowing Your Audience

Last Update: January 20, 2019

We’ve all been there before, at one time or another. You pour hours and hours of your time into writing a great piece of content, in the hope that it will drive scores of new readers to check out your site and maybe become new customers. Then, for some reason, it falls flat. Few people read it, and even those who do, don’t seem terribly interested in engaging with your business.

Empathizing with your client

It’s what they always say about writing – before you put pen to paper, you’ve got to understand your audience first. Content marketing is absolutely no exception to this. In fact, it’s especially important in marketing because you depend on your audience for cash money.
(Getting to know the audience for your content is a complex, multi-step process).

According to SEO Hacker, the key is to develop a sense of empathy for the people you’re targeting at your business.

Conducting thorough market research

No one’s born with the ability to understand audiences and know what they want. This knowledge never comes easy – if you want to know about your target consumers, you’ve got to dig in and do your research.

Forbes notes that this is true of both SEO strategy and content marketing. In both cases, research is the foundation. Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO of AudienceBloom told the news source that whether you’re coming up with a keyword strategy or choosing a topic for a long form piece of writing, either way, you begin by thinking about what topics people are interested in.

Engaging your readers emotionally

What you really want in content marketing isn’t just clicks and retweets – it’s genuine engagement with your stuff. You want people to read your blogs, yes, but you’re also going for an emotional response. You want them to feel something.

Convince and Convert asserted that this is a vital part of building a community in content marketing. You’ve got to incite people to share their feelings and opinions. Ryan Kettler, director of communications at BoostSuite, explained that one way to do this is to prompt them with the way you write.

Moving from clicks to conversions

In the end, of course, your goal is to get people to become paying customers. After all, you want your company to make money off of content marketing, not flush cash down the toilet. This means you need to turn the initial leads your content generates into real conversions.
(Sometimes, readers need a little extra push to actually take action).
The Content Marketing Institute noted that sometimes, readers need a little extra push to actually take action.

How you can reconnect with your readers

Before you can find success with content marketing, you need to start from the beginning. That means understanding your audience. In other words:
• Develop a sense of empathy for the people you’re writing to.

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Babou3 Premium
Great advices!
It's true that we must above all take the
time to know our audience and consider them
as something other than mere passing costumers.

DonnieK2 Premium
"Knowing" your audience, is easier said than done in the when it comes to writing a blog.
Thanks for your read and response as always.
ShelleyAnn Premium
Love this, great article! Thank you for sharing!
DonnieK2 Premium
Thank you for your read and response.
iyabillionai Premium
Cool Vibes...
DonnieK2 Premium
Glad you enjoyed the information!
Thanks for the read and response.
Eliz65 Premium
This really resonates with me! I'm still struggling with how to get those sales...but i know it will come with time, and patience!
DonnieK2 Premium
It will all start to come together in parts and you continue your WA journey, just take your time.
Thanks for your read and response!
Cbaxley1 Premium
Awesome post. You have me thinking. I am averaging 6 to 16 new subscribers a day, yet I haven't thought much about the connection with the emotional part. I write all the time. So I'll start adding emotion to some of them, getting the Audience to feel it. Thanks a lot you have really helped me. Have a great night.
DonnieK2 Premium
Don't feel that you are alone on this, I post this after doing one of the Boot Camp training, letting me too, know that I need to make a better connection with my audience. Well at least we now know that there is work to be done.
Thanks for your read and response!